What can be eaten after pregnancy?Don’t worry, just remember what you should eat

Every pregnant mother wants to have a healthy and lovely baby, so she will pay special attention to their diet during pregnancy, and there are too many diets during pregnancy.Okay, not remembering it.Moms are better to remember which are good for the fetus and eat more.

Early pregnancy

In the early stages of pregnancy, it is recommended to eat one egg for breakfast every day and eat more coarse grains, such as Xiaomi, black beans, red beans, peanuts and other boiled porridge. In addition, adding red dates and wolfberry to porridge is also suitable for expectant mothers in the early stages of pregnancy.Chinese food and dinner must eat calcium supplement bone soup. The soup can be equipped with yam, corn, carrot, etc., as well as kelp soup that prevent iodine deficiency.In the early pregnancy, the fruits that expectant mothers eat daily, such as apples, bananas, oranges, lemon and so on.Grapefruit contains natural folic acid, suitable for early pregnancy.

Mid -pregnancy

The nutritional needs of expectant mothers in the middle of pregnancy are greater than early. At this time, it is also a period of rapid fetal brain development. Prospective mothers should pay attention to supplementing DHA and according to the U.S. National Health Research Institute (NIH) and the International Fatty acid and Oils and Dead Society (ISSFAL): Pregnant women and lactating women should consume at least 300 mg DHA per day.The amount of DHA from food from food is difficult to meet the needs of pregnant mothers. It is still the best way to take DHA capsules. Such pure algae oil DHAs such as Huiyou Xitan oil soft capsules are safe and polluted. It is easy to absorb. It is more suitable for accurate accuracyMother.

Late pregnancy

Gastrointestinal motility.Beans and nuts can be consumed, which mainly supplement protein, calcium and vitamin B1.

In addition, in addition to nutrition, there are many precautions in the third trimester, such as sleeping positions. It is recommended to choose the left side position in the sleeping position in the third trimester.Pregnant mothers adopt a sleeping position in the left side position not only conducive to the fetus to better obtain oxygen, nutrients, excrete carbon dioxide and waste, but also avoid the compression of the lower cavity vein, reduce the body edema of pregnant women, promote blood circulation, reduce premature birth premature birthdanger.

Proper exercise is also necessary. It can promote blood circulation of the body, increase the oxygen content in the blood, eliminate the fatigue and discomfort of the body, and help to give birth smoothly.

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