What can my wife get pregnant?

Pregnancy and having children are not just a matter of Bao Ma. Dad must also be responsible for related responsibilities. Many prospective dads do not know what he can do during his wife’s pregnancy.

A month of pregnancy

1. Prepare foods rich in folic acid, such as spinach, lettuce, kiwi, etc., remind pregnant mothers to insist on supplement folic acid every day.

2. The fetus is still unstable before the early pregnancy.

3. Prepare some related books on pregnancy and exchange knowledge of pregnancy with your wife.

4. Due to the changes in hormones, the skin will be more sensitive during pregnancy. Prepare skin care products for maternal and infants for pregnant mothers. Pay attention to avoiding the ingredients that stimulate the skin such as salicylic acid, retinol, ethanol, and curvic acid.

5. Cultivate your wife to build a regular work and rest and healthy diet.Do not smoke or drink every day to ensure enough sleep.

6. Checking: 4-5 weeks of blood drawing (HCG, progesterone) to determine whether you are pregnant with as much as possible, accompany the pregnant mother for inspection, and feel the joy of being a father and mother together

In February

1. Husbands in housework in the early pregnancy are contracted. Do not let pregnant mothers do bending, handling, raising heavy objects, etc.

2. A pregnancy reaction may begin around the 6th week. Prepare for pregnant mothers -some foods that are sick in town, such as soda biscuits, cherry, saint fruit, 100 -fragrant lemonade ginger and soup.

3. Prepare a soft hair toothbrush and probiotic toothpaste for pregnant mothers. The impact of hormones during pregnancy may occur. It is more suitable to use soft toothbrushes.

4. Most of the warm words and his wife will become more fragile than before, and give your wife some love and care than before. At the same time, he warms his wife and passes his father’s love to the fetus.

5. Prepare their wives to be rich in VCs: strawberries, oranges, oranges, apples, grapefruit, etc.

6. Do not take your wife to make hot springs in the early pregnancy. The embryo is afraid of heat. The hot bath is controlled within 10 minutes.

7. Don’t let your wife come into contact with the environment of harmful substances such as formaldehyde.

8. Examination with his wife: Whether the HCG of the five weeks of pregnancy is doubled. Determine whether you are pregnant at 6-8 weeks of pregnancy and check the fetal heart buds


1. Prepare their wives to eat foods rich in vitamin A: cantaloupe, broccoli, spinning, beef, pork, eggs, etc.

2. Prepare the right underwear for your wife.(The chest will become larger)

3. Many pregnant mothers cannot smell the smell of oil fume in the early pregnancy, which is also the time when Dad shows cooking.

4. Early pregnancy recipes (supplement high -quality protein, alleviate pregnancy vomiting): broccoli fried shrimp, tomato stewed burdock, sweet pepper beef shredded, steamed yellow flower fish, tomato egg flower soup.

5. Foods that are not suitable for eaten: MSG, pepper, spiced powder, half -life food, blood circulation food (mountain plant, crab, turtle, saffron)

6. Passion for a 12 -week pregnancy to be prepared to build files (need to be empty) to build files.Medical insurance card, ID card, early pregnancy BC single, electronic permit.

In April

1. Prepare their wives with zinc -rich foods, beef, beef, lamb, animal liver, oysters, abalone, etc.

2. Prepare your wife for pregnancy oil to prevent pregnancy.

3. Calcium supplement in April of pregnancy.Remind my wife 2 hours after dinner.

4. You can buy some nutrients for your wife: bird’s nest, sea cucumber, fish glue, etc.

5. Appropriate aerobic exercise with your wife and walk more.

6. Accompany his wife to listen to the pregnant courses of the hospital.

7. Buy your wife’s child’s heart and feel the magic of life.

8. Remind my wife to eat less meals, eat more coarse grains, and control blood sugar and high sugar food.

9. Accompany his wife’s birth check, 16 weeks of sugar sieve (fasting and water after 12 o’clock the night before, need an empty stomach)

May pregnancy

1. Prepare your wife to prepare calcium -rich foods: dairy products, soy products, milk, yogurt, cheese, shrimp skin, etc.

2. You can prepare calcium tablets for your wife and persist in folic acid.

3. Buy a pregnant woman’s pillow to relieve sleep uncomfortable.

4. Persist in helping his wife to apply pregnancy oil.

5. The fetus is 5 months pregnant with the sound. The prospective dad can teach with the pregnant mother, talk to the baby more, sing, and tell stories.

6. Mot your wife with a fetal movement. The time is fixed at 8-9 points per day. Generally, the average fetal movement is 3-5 times per hour.


1. Prepare iron -rich foods for your wife: red meat, animal liver, spinach, etc.

2. Remind my wife to drink plenty of water (add amniotic fluid)

3. Remind my wife to control the weight and help my wife to record the weight change.

4. Wife may have constipation. Prepare more dietary fiber for his wife, vitamin vegetables and fruits: such as celery, broccoli, spinach, Xi Mei, dragon fruit, etc.

5. Remind your wife to sleep on the left as much as possible.Prepare a pregnant woman’s pillow.

6. Determine that the month is to go to the center of the child

7. Accompanying his wife for the 24 weeks of pregnancy and pregnancy requires an empty stomach, prepare some food in advance, and do a four-dimensional examination at 22-24 weeks of pregnancy.


1. Give his wife’s quasi -pot -rich food: various fish, shellfish, shrimp, and nuts

2. Prepare your wife R head cream.

3. Mot your wife with your wife every day (28 weeks of pregnancy, 3 times a day)

4. Take a pregnancy photo with your wife and record unforgettable moments.(The best time to take a pregnant woman in August pregnancy)

5. The weight of the third trimester is long, and the body is relatively bulky. Try to go to the toilet and take a bath with my wife to avoid accidents.

6. You can prepare your abdomen to relieve discomfort.

7. Accompany his wife’s checkup, check the small deformed in 28 weeks, check the widening of the ventricular chamber, the hydrocephalus, etc.

In August

1. Prepare their wives to be rich in carbohydrates: rice, noodles, oats, corn, red, Wang Dou, etc.

2. Prepare to be born with your wife, baby supplies, at home and cleaning the sun in advance.

3. Discuss the production method with his wife, no matter which method of the pregnant mother, she must be specially produced. If a cesarean section is decided, you must communicate with the doctor in advance to make an appointment in advance before 37 weeks.

4. Massage the legs and feet for your wife before going to bed every day to relieve edema

5. Persist in staying with the old heart and the fetus, and immediately go to the hospital with abnormalities

6. Prepare your wife’s fetal heart monitoring zone.

7. During this period, you cannot go away and ban the same room.

8. The medical examination with his wife’s checkup will be tuned for every two feeds at 32 weeks to record the palace high, abdominal circumference, and fetal heart monitoring.


1. Prepare their wives with foods rich in dietary fiber: all kinds of coarse grains, chives, leeks, pyrometers, apples, bananas, etc.

2. Reminder not to squeeze the breast and avoid stimulating the nipples, so as not to cause contraction.

3. Accompanying Mom Mom to participate in childbirth and newborn care courses

4. Check if you need a special product package and admission certificate.

5. Accompany his wife to understand the hospital admission process, arrange the transportation of transportation during childbirth, and be familiar with the hospital route.

6. Frequent urination of the fetal head will be more obvious, as well as symptoms such as insomnia. Communicate with pregnant mothers

7. Take the baby’s name with the pregnant mother.

8. Pay special attention to the pregnant mother when going up and down the stairs and bathing. Pay attention to prevent slipping. Don’t be too hot in bathing water.

9. Accompanying his wife’s check -up, evaluate the weight of the fetus in 34 weeks, and 36 weeks of the Bye Bye screening to prevent premature birth and infection of the fetus.

In October

1. Give your wife’s food officer with vitamin B: tomatoes, celery, spinach, eggs, lean meat, peanuts, chestnuts, soybeans, etc.

2. Remind my wife to conduct pelvic floor muscle training

3. The wife’s wife is not convenient to squat and help my wife wear (wearing socks, laces)

4. Communicate with your wife more to relieve his wife’s anxiety before giving birth.

5. Prepare your wife some foods to be produced: chocolate, functional drinks, bread, etc.

6. When the pelvis is approaching, the pregnant mother may have frequent urination, the lower limbs are swollen, and the pubic bone combination also feels pain. Take care of the pregnant mother, remind her that she will sit in the short time without mentioning heavy objects.

7. Prepare your wife some breastfeeding books.

8. Reasonably arrange work to prepare for your wife’s childbirth.

9. Accompanying his wife’s birth check: 37 weeks of pregnancy belong to the third trimester In addition to routine examinations, you also need to do fetal heart monitoring and confirm the fetal position. It is estimated that the fetal weight judgment production method and attach importance to the last pregnancy test.

1. Familiar with the route and environment of going to the hospital in advance

How to get after entering the hospital, how to get,

Where is the specific place for each department?

Where is the floor prepared by production and prenatal preparation?

Understand the hospital’s production inspection process?

In addition, understand where the maternal porridge shops are suitable for maternal maternals around the hospital. Where are the hotel’s mother and baby shop? You can save contact information to prepare from time to time.

2. Understand the samples of production

The signs of property are three types: red, water -breaking, and regular contraction.

1. Seeing red

If the amount of bleeding is small, light red, similar to the symptoms of aunt just came, pregnant mothers can take a bath and wash their hair in advance and change to comfortable clothes. Pay attention to the changes in symptoms. If the amount of bleeding is large, the color is dark, accompanied by abdominal pain, do not take a bath, go directly to the hospitalEssence

2. Break water

Generally, it is produced 24-48 hours after breaking the water. Many mothers can’t tell whether the bed is missing in the end.After the water is broken, you need to go to the hospital immediately. You have to lie down in the car and raise your buttocks.Avoid flowing amniotic fluid.

3. Regular contractions:

You can observe it yourself. If the contractions are irresistible, you don’t need to rush to the hospital. If the contraction has begun to start regularly, it needs to be paid attention to within 1 hour. It is best to go to the hospital immediately to give birth.

3. Learn nursing knowledge in advance

Learn nursing knowledge in advance. Generally, there are corresponding courses in the community or hospital. You can also search online. The content that needs to be studied carefully is:

How to replace the mattress cushion?

How to take a bath for your baby?

How to wash your baby fart?

How to change your baby to urine?

How to give your baby a partial dry

How to coax your baby to sleep?

How to arrange postpartum diet?

Fourth, understand the process of delivery

1. If you are hospitalized in red and water -breaking, you will go to the hospital to listen to the doctor’s arrangement. If it exceeds the due date, you will need to be oxytocin.

2. 2-3 fingers of the official mouth. When you enter the delivery room, choose whether to save painless money, do not save this money.

3. When producing, my husband is waiting outside the door. Don’t run around the mother. You can also ask her husband to accompany the birth. The baby will come out with the mother. Don’t just stare at the baby. At this time

5. Understand the process of caesarean section

1. Fast 8 hours before the operation and 4 hours forbidden water.

2. After the surgery is completed, the baby can first come to the ward by the baby.

3. The mother must observe about 40 minutes before coming out. The husband must stay at the door, so that the weak wife can see you at the first time.

4. When returning to the ward, the mother’s lower body covered the quilt and greeted in advance. If there is a man, avoid it.

5. Within 6 hours after surgery: Let the woman lie down, not pillow the pillow, otherwise it will have a headache.Put on the abdomen belt. Because there is a wound, you must use breathable to inhibit bacteria. You can buy more bacteriostatic abdomen bands, light and comfortable to help fix the wound.

6. After 6 hours after the same operation, help Bao Ma turn over.Be careful not to fold the ureter.

7. You can drink porridge after exhausting 12 hours after surgery, and drink milk such as milk.

8. 24 hours after surgery: Tie the abdomen belt, Fubao mother may dizzy and wound pain when walking out of bed.Husband must be gentle.

6. Pack the home in advance

Arrange the baby bed well, and the sheets are covered with cleanliness. After discharging, the baby should use things to sort out what the baby needs to use to avoid having trouble when he goes home. Let his wife return home, and see a clear, refreshing, and mood at home.

7. Standard in hospitalization procedures

Generally, the doctor will ask the doctor’s due date when the last birth checkup. Some doctors will issue a hospitalization notice in advance. The prospective dad can pay the hospital deposit in advance.

8. Do a good job of diet during the hospitalization

The first week of postpartum:

Do not drink soup in the first week. It is easy to block milk. Diet should be talked about. This porridge is mainly to help discharge dew. It is mainly rice porridge, soft rice, and rotten noodles.

The second week of postpartum:

This tone is based on conditioning as the main treatment. You can start eating rice and eat less.Such as Zilai egg soup, tomato scrambled eggs, shiitake mushrooms, pumpkin porridge, etc.

Third week after childbirth:

Eat more loofah egg soup, five-meter ribs soup, wood stewed milk, etc., pork trotters, carp soup and other grass soups 1-2 times a week for milk

Week fourth after childbirth:

To eat qi as a national diet, you must be rich in food. You can drink five red soups. Don’t drink too much, it is easy to get angry.Eat more mutton, pork liver, spinach, shiitake mushrooms, etc.

Week fifth after childbirth:

Do not drink too much soup with the main boudoir, greasy diet. Eat more loofah, yam, white white, lotus borrowing, etc.

Sixth week after childbirth:

This week, I eat calcium supplement and eat more calcium food, eat more red meat, fish, shrimp, etc., and calcium tablets cannot be stopped.

Nine, learn about newborn care in advance

Regarding newborns care, everyone is the first time to be parents. Don’t feel that you are very good, so remember to learn seriously

Bao Ma will be weak after giving birth, and the prospective dad should take care of the baby!

Finally, I remind my husbands, no matter what the future, the woman in the delivery room is willing to conceive in October, and give birth to your love crystals, she deserves the first to get your love and concern, especially to marry such women, and moreCan’t be disappointed, because she only has you

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