What can pregnant women eat folic acid?4 wrong cooking methods, no matter how much folic acid is cooked, it is gone

Women who have experienced experience know that they must supplement folic acid after pregnancy, and even before pregnancy.So many mothers will run over as soon as they are pregnant, "Mom Fairy Mom, do you say I order = what can she replenish folic acid?"

I usually tell them: Actually folic acid is different from other nutrients, and medicine supplement is much better than food therapy.If you really want to replenish folic acid through food, you must do these two points.One is to eat natural food rich in folic acid, and the other is the correct cooking method. It is especially important to my opinion.

1. Dry bamboo 荪

Generally speaking, bacterial foods are rich in folic acid, which is particularly the most rich in bamboo. It contains as high as 1283 micrograms per 100 grams.

2. Foly liver

The liver of animals is also rich in folic acid. Foic liver is one of the best. The content of folic acid is as high as 988.5 micrograms.Secondly, the content of chicken liver and pork liver is not low, and the content per 100 grams is above 600 micrograms.

3. Black beans

Regardless of black beans, red beans, or mung bean cowpea, bean foods are rich in folic acid. Among them, the green kernel black beans are the most abundant, up to 720 micrograms/grams per 100 grams.

4. Spinach

Although folic acid was first discovered in spinach, spinach was not the most content.The content of spinach folic acid is only 263 micrograms per 100 grams of spinach, but it still exceeds half of the human body.

5. Papaya

The beautiful lady must be familiar with papaya, papaya has a good breast enhancement and breast milk.In addition, the content of folic acid in papaya is also very high. Eating one can meet the total amount of folic acid required for the human body.

6. Wheat germ

The reason why wheat germ is called super food is because it is not only rich in folic acid, but also contains a lot of nutrients such as high -quality protein, dietary fiber, calcium, selenium, etc., which is very suitable for pregnant women.

7, asparagus

Asparagus is called the "King of Vegetables" and is rich in nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, amino acids.In addition, the content of folic acid is also among the best, and the content of about 16 asparagus folic acid can meet the human body one day.

8. Leek

Many mothers often encounter constipation problems during pregnancy during pregnancy.At this time, it is also a good choice for pregnant mothers to eat some leeks.Leek contains a large amount of dietary fiber and folic acid, which can solve your constipation problem while supplementing folic acid.

9. Kiwi

Kiwi is not the most foods containing folic acid, but it contains the most vitamin species, especially the content of vitamin C.Vitamin C can make folic acid stable and improve the human body’s digestion and absorption of folic acid.

Folic acid is a type of water -soluble vitamin B. It has the characteristics of incurable, light -resistant, and oxidation, and the stability is extremely poor.Therefore, the pregnant mother does not pay attention to the following points during the cooking process, and the rich folic acid will slip away quietly in your pot.

1. It should not be stored for a long time

When you buy folic acid foods, you should "eat how much you eat", and you should not buy too much at a time.Due to the characteristics of folic acid, the longer the food is stored, the more folic acid is lost.

2. Do not soak with salt water

When it is rich in folic acid, it is not suitable for soaking and cleaning with water, otherwise it will cause a large amount of folic acid.

3. Don’t boil

The cooking method of folic acid is recommended to be cold or stir -fry. Do not use the culinary method of cricket, hot, and cooked.The two cooking methods of cold and stir -fry can lock folic acid in the food to reduce nutritional loss.

4. Don’t wash

Before cooking, folic acid foods should not be washed for a long time, and they cannot be scrubbed hard, let alone rinse with hot water.

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