What caused redness during pregnancy?There are 2 reasons you never think of

As the saying goes, it is not careless for animals that have never died for a week.

Yes, our woman is how the warriors dare to face the blood.However, in a special period, we counseled in the face of blood. This is the red during pregnancy.

In various daily film and television dramas, as long as the female lead is red during pregnancy, children will have a miscarriage.As a result, pregnant mothers regard pregnancy bleeding as a secret code that accidentally occurred, and they panicked when they met.

In fact, the situation of bleeding during pregnancy is becoming more and more common. Pregnant mothers do not see bleeding and feel that the baby is dangerous.Due to many reasons such as environmental pollution, work pressure, and elderly mothers in modern society.About 1/4 pregnant women will bleed during pregnancy

Medical data shows that:> 70%of the pregnancy seeing redness is a healthy baby; ≈20%of the pregnancy see red during pregnancy, which is a miscarriage; ≈ 10%is because of ectopic pregnancy and other reasons.

However, this does not mean that it can be gorgeous about this "a little red".If you have other symptoms while bleeding, you must not take a medical treatment immediately.

Bleeding during pregnancy is common according to the time and symptoms of bleeding. Let’s take a look at it together.

Early pregnancy

1. Bed bleeding

Most of the time, the babies of embryo are quietly working.But occasionally a few embryo babies cause a small amount of endometrium bleeding during the bed.

The bleeding color is mild pink or brown.It usually lasts for two or three days, and there is no other obvious symptoms in the body.This bleeding is not harmful to the baby.

2. Biochemical pregnancy

This is not related to the biochemical crisis.This is the bed in the uterus in the uterus, and was eliminated from the uterus.At this time you will find that all kinds of tests are prompted to get pregnant, but the aunt came.

You may suspect that you have seen a fake doctor or bought a fake early pregnancy test paper.In fact, the bleeding at this time is not a big aunt, but a biochemical pregnancy.Because its bleeding amount is similar to the aunt, and it does not have much impact on the body, if it is not tested, this natural abortion is easily misunderstood as one of the aunts many times.

3. Modification

Usually the amount of bleeding of miscarriage is similar to the amount of aunt, sometimes the meat -like tissue is discharged, and it is accompanied by lower abdomen pain. The principle is that the uterine contraction and the embryo are arranged.After abortion, you need to go to the hospital to take a B -ultrasound to check whether the pregnancy is completely discharged. If it is not fully discharged, you need to have a clearance surgery.

For abortion, we must maintain normal minds. Normal people have a 15%abortion rate. This is the law of the survival of the fittest.The twisted melon is not sweet. Never advocate taking the drug to protect the fetus yourself.

4. Ectopic pregnancy

When fertilized eggs handed their final return to the narrow fallopian tubes or ovarian without falling.Only two endings will appear: a small amount of bleeding and a large amount of bleeding after the pregnancy capsule is ruptured, and it is accompanied by severe abdominal pain.At this time, let’s go to the hospital and go to the hospital!

There are many unstable factors that affect embryonic development in the early pregnancy, and bleeding often causes bleeding at this time.If the embryo is developing normally after checking, don’t worry that bleeding will increase the chance of the baby’s congenital abnormalities.

In the middle and late pregnancy

1. Cervical disease cervical polyps, etc.

So this is the time to reflect the pre -pregnancy examination.Do a good job of checking during pregnancy, check all the problems of the cervix, and deal with problems in a timely manner.Otherwise, if there is a cervical lesion, it may be accompanied by different degrees of bleeding throughout pregnancy.

2, front placenta

Before 28 weeks, the placental position was constantly swimming.However, if the placenta is covered on the cervix, it may not move.At this time, there will be peeling between the cervix mouth and the placenta, so bleeding will occur.After the checkup is confirmed to be a pre -placenta, be careful during the whole pregnancy, and seek medical treatment in time if bleed too much.

3. Real estate

Seeing red in the third trimester can be a signal for labor.Pink pink, red and reddish brown.The amount of bleeding is significantly less than the physiological period, and the texture is relatively viscous.Usually, within 1 day after the redness, it will start pain and contraction.Congratulations to my mother to meet the baby.

4. Urine infection

Some pregnant mothers find blood on the paper when they go to the toilet and wipe their farts.After reading the above content, I went to the hospital for examination and found that it was urinary tract infection. The blood came out of the urethral opening.

And because pregnant women are high -incidence of hemorrhoids, the blood on the toilet paper may be a blood book written by chrysanthemums.It was really shocking, so I said that I do n’t panic when I see bleeding, calm down first.

Bleeding during pregnancy is indeed a troublesome problem. When I think of so many possibilities, it is really big.In order to avoid this situation as much as possible, it is usually done:

Balanced diet

Exercise in moderation

Do not stay up all night

Don’t be frightened

Don’t have too much pressure

Then make the key points for everyone: Do not panic during pregnancy, observe the nature and quantity of bleeding; do not need to worry too much about bleeding or a small amount of bleeding in the early pregnancy.However, if bleeding continues and increases or is accompanied by abdominal pain, tissue discharge with blood, or bleeding in the middle and late pregnancy, you must seek medical treatment in time.

Finally, I wish everyone a healthy and happy pregnancy.

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