What department should breast cancer be hung?These three types of people pay attention!

I want to do breast cancer examination, but I do n’t know where to do it. This is a problem that plagues many people.Some friends even choose to give up the inspection to avoid this embarrassment.This is absolutely not available!This article will tell you what kind of subjects should be hung in each type of people to check the breast cancer.

First, we are divided into three types.Women, children, men.

Women include women and lactating women.Many female friends believe that breast disease is hyperplasia of the breast, and the seriousness is breast cancer.When there is pain in the chest, it will be considered caused by inflammation, and choose to take anti -inflammatory drugs by yourself and give up to go to the hospital for medical treatment.See what kind of medicine others take, what kind of medicine is bought for yourself.It is three -point poison, we should take the right medicine, not the medicine ourselves.When you have discomfort in your body, you must go to a regular hospital for examination.During breastfeeding women, breast pain, mastitis, etc. during lactating women should also seek medical treatment in time.Both women and lactating women can hang breast surgery when they check the breast problems.

Children may have breast tenderness during adolescence, and obese boys will have problems such as bumps and too obvious breast convex.When a child has a breast disease, parents should accompany them to the hospital.You don’t need to go to the pediatrics when registering, you can go directly to the breast surgery.

Breast cancer is not a feminine disease, and boys may also shoot.Patients with breast cancer in direct relatives, as well as friends who lack exercise and abnormal obesity for a long time, should pay special attention.Long -term taking estrogen or taking drugs may lead to insufficient male hormones.Can cause breast cancer.Men have breast problems, and they can also hang breast surgery. Don’t feel shameful.Disease is not a shame.

If the hospital does not have a breast surgery, you can hang a surgeon.Be careful not to hang the obstetrics and gynecology department. The obstetrics and gynecology department is a department that solves the problem of female reproductive systems, excluding breast diseases.It is recommended that everyone pay attention to the ECS Beijing Anti -Cancer Association Early Cancer Screening Platform. It will continue to update related issues here to escort us!

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