What do Dutch pigs need to prepare?

Several pig friends have asked the question of the Dutch pigs in the past,

It seems that pets are raised in Dutch pigs. This year’s estrus mating production is okay.

After all, the Dutch pigs in nature are too cold in winter,

There will be cold sexuality, reduced estrus and mating desires, and the temperature of artificial breeding guarantees has no problem.

But in winter, Dutch pig production is indeed not the best season.

Therefore, if Dutch pigs are in the winter, it is better to take care of it than other seasons.

Today, Brother Pig will give you a brief talk,

What is needed to prepare for the Dutch pigs.

1. Environmental preparation

1. The warm environment

Dutch pigs are present,

The temperature requirements are the strictest.

It is recommended not to be less than 22 degrees Celsius,

Don’t be less than 17 degrees, otherwise it may lead to serious consequences.

The small Dutch pig may be frostbite and froze,

Especially when I was still wet, I was most afraid of cold.

The mother Dutch pig is very weak after production,

So at this time, if the temperature is too low, it may endanger the safety of the mother Dutch pig.

The environmental warmth includes an indoor corner,

The cage is wrapped in old clothes quilts.

If there is a better heating, you can electric heating if there is no heating.

In fact, the best is the kind of crawler heating light, pet heating pads, etc.

2. Dry environment

Dutch pigs have high requirements for environmental humidity,

Humanity is more harmful to the skin of Dutch pigs.

Mainly it is easy to breed bacteria,

The humid environment can also make the skin vulnerable.

Of course, drying is not particularly dry,

The northern heating environment is too dry, and it is not possible to humidify moderately.

It is generally recommended that humidity is not less than 50%,

Too dry has an impact on the nasal cavity of Dutch pigs.

3. The quiet environment

Dutch pigs are very timid animals,

So it is particularly sensitive to the noise of the environment.

If Dutch pigs live in a noisy environment,

It will affect the growth and development of Dutch pigs, and even be frightened and cause abortion.

The cage of Dutch pigs should be far away from TV, audio, etc.

Don’t be on the edge of some noise machines, but the festival firecrackers are even more dangerous.

2. Preparation of items

1. Preparation of houses

It is necessary to prepare a house for Dutch pigs.

It’s just a semi -closed small environment.

Make Dutch pigs feel safe inside,

It is also convenient for the owner to observe and deal with problems at any time.

The material can be cotton nest, wood nest, plastic, ceramics, etc.

However, the grass nest is not suitable because it is easy to rot and breed bacteria after urination.

2. Solidding supplies

Most Dutch pigs will complete production by themselves,

After production, the small Dutch pigs will also take care of them very well.

But there are some special circumstances,

It may cause problems in production.

For example, the first production experience is insufficient, difficult to produce, premature birth, accidentally crushing, and (when biting the placenta), etc.

So you still need to prepare some supplies.

These supplies include, not limited to,

Alcohol, mule, polyetone iodine solution, cotton swabs, medical skimmed cotton, warm water, surgical knife (can be disinfected without other sharp knives) and so on.

There are pet hospitals that can see Dutch pig diseases nearby,

Leave the co -connection method in advance, so that when you are in a hurry, you can consult or send it to the hospital for first aid (if possible, you can send a pet hospital for production).

3. Pet urine pads, urine pads, etc.

Prepare some pet urine pads, urine pads, etc.,

It is mainly to facilitate the use of pigs and sow conditions.

If you haven’t used it before, it is not recommended to spread it directly in the cage of the Dutch pig.

Some Dutch pigs will eat, and it can be paved if it is used.

Third, diet preparation

1. Drink water

Drinking water must be placed first,

It was tragedy because of the lack of water in the water heater when I encountered many times before.

Because the production of Dutch pigs is very energy -consuming,

And the time is very long, it takes more than one hour to give birth, and it takes four hours if four.

And the mother Dutch pig province will bleed a lot in the production,

It also lost a lot of water, causing a serious lack of water in the body.

If there is no water at this time,

The mother Dutch pig is very thirsty, and it is possible to eat the tragedy of the newly born small Dutch pig.

Because if you do not replenish in time,

The mother Dutch pig died due to lack of water.

Therefore, the mother Dutch pig,

It is recommended to hang two water heaters to ensure at least one waterman is full of water.

Because most of the Dutch pigs are produced at night,

Therefore, it is recommended to fill water before going to bed, and give some water -containing vegetables and fruits (not too much).

2. Diet is sufficient but not too high nutrition

This is also very important,

Dutch pigs will increase during pregnancy.

It is generally believed that the mother Dutch pig is pregnant,

Diet will be 2.5 times that of usual, especially in the middle and late pregnancy (after the belly).

Many pig friends in order to allow the small Dutch pigs of the Dutch pigs and livestock,

Eat too much or even highly nutritious food for mother Dutch pigs.

This approach is absolutely wrong, because this will cause two problems,

One is that the mother Dutch pig is overly obese, and the birth canal is squeezed, which can easily cause dystocia.

One is that the small Dutch pigs in the stomach are too large, and it is difficult to produce when it is produced.

So, the mother Dutch pig after pregnancy,

Keep your diet adequate and add some nutrients appropriately.

The lactation of the small Dutch pig after birth,

You can rest assured that the mother Dutch pig has increased nutrition (don’t overdo it).

Mother Dutch pig is a big thing,

Most things can be believed in the mother Dutch pig, but as the owner, you have to make some preparations.

Thanks to the Dutch pig pictures authorized by Shuangcheng

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