What do the fetus do in the stomach for five months?It will be more active than you think

Pregnancy is a very hard thing, so during pregnancy, I believe that every pregnant mother wants to know the condition of the fetus in the abdomen.As the pregnancy grows, the fetus grows every day, and the pregnant mother’s belly is getting more and more obvious. Therefore, the pregnant woman will be more curious about the condition of the fetus in the belly.What are you doing in your belly?

Bao Ma group will have Bao Ma shared her pregnancy every day, including various things after production, which will also cause warm communication from other Baoma.Today, Meimei has provoked a topic in the group. Meimei has been pregnant for five months. Because she is a novice mother, Meimei is very curious about what is the baby doing in her belly?Especially when the fetal movement is more obvious, Meimei is even more interested. I especially want to know what the fetus looks like in the belly.As soon as this issue of Meimei came out, it caused a fierce discussion in the Bao Ma group. The mothers with the same feelings also expressed their doubts, and the experienced Baoma enthusiastically answered questions to the novice Bao moms.

So what is the development of the fetus at five months of pregnancy?

At the beginning of the fifth month of pregnancy, it happened to be the 17th week of pregnancy. At this time, the size of the fetus was the same as a pear. The weight was only about 170 grams. Don’t look at it.They will grow rapidly.By the middle of the fifth month, the fetus’s bones will gradually harden up by the original soft as rubber.At the end of 19 weeks of pregnancy, the length of the fetus had reached 15cm.And it can be found that the fetus’s chest bulges from time to time, which shows that at this time the fetus already has breathing.But there is still a large amount of amniotic fluid in the fetus at this time.

So what do the fetus do in the palace when they are five months pregnant?

1. Swimming

Only when the fetus does not sleep, it is very active and lively.The fetus is surrounded by amniotic fluid in the mother’s uterus, just like in a swimming pool. During the five months of pregnancy, the fetus can swim around the mother’s uterus, like swimming, leisurely leisurely.This state will continue from the baby’s 6 weeks to the late pregnancy, and it will end until the fetus cannot float in the amniotic fluid.

2. Fisting and kicking

Generally, from the fifth month of the fetus, the pregnant mother can feel obvious fetal movement.The fetus will reach out and kick in the uterus, and even impact the uterine wall. These actions are collectively referred to as the fetal movement we usually call.Pregnant mothers do not have to worry about the number of fetal movements, the health and weakness of the fetal movement is more than the health of the fetus.Normal obvious fetal movement is not less than 3 to 5 times, and the number of obvious fetal movements in 12 hours is 30, ~ 40 times.However, due to the large difference in individual fetal individuals, some fetuses can move about 100 times in 12 hours, but as long as the fetal movement is regular and rhythmic, it means that the fetal development is normal, and the fetal movement is normal.The fetus can develop healthy in the uterus.

3. Snile

Many people may not know that the fetus will hiccups in the uterus, but it is real.Pregnant mothers will find the fetus with rhythmic fetal movements when they are five months pregnant, and sometimes they appear several times a day.From a medical perspective.This is the sound of the fetus when swallowing amniotic fluid, and it is also the fetus practicing breathing in the palace. So it sounds like snoring, but it is not a real snoring.

4, sleep

The life of the fetus in the uterus is very leisurely, and he can sleep enough every day, and sleep naturally until he wakes up.Of course, after the fetus wakes up, he starts to stretch his limbs, starts the movement, and you will also beat the mother’s abdomen naughty.But the fetus sleeping in the uterus is not regular. They always wake up and wake up when they fall asleep, wake up and fall asleep again.Therefore, when the pregnant mother feels a burst of noisy in the stomach, it looks like the fetus wakes up.

5. Smile

Actually!The fetus will be in a daze.The activity of the fetus in the pregnant mother’s belly is very interesting, and often do things that people can’t imagine.For example, the quieter babies will still be in a daze in the uterus of the pregnant mother.

So what are the changes in the pregnant mother themselves about five months of pregnancy?

1. The phenomenon of frequent urination alleviates

It is normal for pregnant women to reduce frequent urination at five months of pregnancy.The frequent urine of the pregnant mother is the position of the bladder in front of the uterus. After pregnancy, the baby is in the mother’s uterus. As the baby’s uterus grows up, the uterus of the pregnant mother will also increase the bladder.There are too many urine, so the pregnant mother will have frequent urination.Then at the five months of pregnancy, the frequent urination phenomenon of pregnant women will be eased. At this time, the level of HCG in pregnant women will decrease, and the position of the uterus will be moved upwards. Thereforeease.

2. Early pregnancy reaction is significantly reduced

Early pregnancy reactions will make pregnant mothers particularly uncomfortable during pregnancy, but most of the pregnant mothers will find that early pregnancy reactions will be significantly reduced when they are five months pregnant.Under normal circumstances, early pregnancy reactions will appear at 6 weeks of menopause, disappear after 12 weeks, and most of them are reactions in the gastrointestinal tract.However, this phenomenon varies from person to person. Pregnant mothers remember a light diet, rest, and keep a happy mood.

3. There will be some itchy belly

Some pregnant mothers may find that their belly has some itching when she is five months pregnant.In fact, most pregnant women’s belly belly is caused by stretch marks. Many pregnant mothers in the middle of pregnancy, purple or light red stretch marks in the abdominal skin, accompanied by itching, then the pregnant mother must remember to thousands of at this time.Do not catch it. After scratching, the skin may have scratches. After a long time, it will aggravate itching or even cause infection.In fact, don’t worry too much in the face of itching and scolding of the belly, because itching of the belly is some of the normal changes that have occurred after women’s pregnancy, and it will slowly disappear after a period of time.However, pregnant mothers can massage the skin with olive oil to relieve itching.

In fact, pregnant mothers need to be too worried in the middle of pregnancy. As long as you maintain a good healthy diet and good living habits, you will definitely have healthy babies in regular checkups.

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