What do the small animals look like when they are pregnant?All kinds of rounds, super cute

Every time I see the pregnant photos taken by expectant mothers, I feel strong happiness, and make people feel the hardships of pregnancy.

What kind of style of painting will be taken?

Recently, foreign netizens have compiled a wave of pregnancy photos of animals to feel it.

Mother of the cat at 8.5 weeks of pregnancy.

The big belly of squirrel looks like to explode.

After the guinea pig is pregnant, it is about to become a sphere.

I am too tired to get pregnant, and the lioness need to take a break.

The hairless cat in pregnancy seems to be a bit stable.

The pregnant seal enjoy the sunbathing on the beach.

In the Forest of Kanatakn, India, the pregnancy leopard rests on the tree.

The elephant is the longest pregnancy in existing mammals, and it is usually 18 to 22 months during pregnancy.

Friends found that her pregnant cat was sitting like this.

In the aquarium, a catfish was pregnant.

The dog took a pregnant photo and laughed very well.

I am not afraid of people, so I gave her some peanuts.

Under a dock in Philip Harbor, Victoria, Australia, he encountered a big belly.

This pregnant stray cat followed me home.

It seems that I want to welcome the kitten.

The baby cheetah is about to come to this world.

The cow is waiting for me to touch her belly.

My dog is pregnant.She looks too round.

The pregnant goat feels difficult to stand up.

Pregnant Cedar.

My friend took a pregnancy raccoon and seemed to be born at any time.

Kenya Malaysia Malan National Reserve, pregnant zebra.

On the bathroom window, a pregnant lizard appeared.

"Friends, see I have a shrimp of pregnancy."

Maybe someone has never seen a pregnant mouse.

The pregnancy guinea pig was a little nervous.

Friends’ pregnancy.

Pregnancy (Fart perspective).

The dog is pregnant, this is the way she beats.

A pregnant black rhino is about 20 meters away from our car.

Have you ever seen the color change dragon of pregnancy?

The giraffe was witnessed in the wild zoo.

The veterinarian informed that we will welcome the little donkey baby in the next few days.

Pregnant cat Itachi.

Atlanta’s Georgia Aquarium, White Whale was pregnant.

Pregnancy is upright, and it is not convenient to do anything.

The expectant mothers in the animal world should have the same feeling …

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