What does fetal movement feel?Four months like fish pecking, 7 months like pig arch, 9 months like fat pigs dismantling pig pads

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How long can I feel the fetal movement after pregnancy? What is the feeling of fetal movement? What is the fetus doing in my mother’s belly every day …

The pregnant mothers after pregnancy are transformed into "curious babies", and these are also issues they want to know.

Normally, there is no fetal movement in the early stages of pregnancy. After all, the fetus at this stage has experienced differentiation and development, and gradually grows into a small embryo. It is very small. The activity is so weak that the pregnant mother can’t feel it.

When pregnant mothers can feel it, they have to wait for the first 16 weeks of pregnancy, and even the unsightly pregnant mothers have to wait about 20 weeks of pregnancy.

When the pregnant mother is lying quietly or half -lying, it is easier to feel the fetal movement.

Therefore, if the pregnant mother who has never felt fetal movement after 16 weeks, don’t worry, you can lying on the sofa half after meals, pay attention to feel, maybe you can feel it.

Although it can gradually feel fetal movement in 16 weeks, in fact, the fetus has been activated from 7-8 weeks of pregnancy, but the fetus is not large enough, and the movement is not enough to attract the attention of the pregnant mother.

From the first time I feel the fetal movement, the feeling of fetal movement will become more and more strong.

In the middle and late pregnancy, the pregnant mother will feel the fetal piercing, horizontal collision, and kick. As the fetus becomes larger, the pregnant mother may see the elbow or knee of the fetus, move on the mother’s abdomen, orFeeling that the baby is completely turning, the proper is a naughty "Little Goku"!

Some people also summarize the fetal movement feelings of different pregnancy months as follows:

4 months pregnant: a small fish was pecked;

5 months pregnant: small fish travel around;

6 months pregnant: octopus is scratching;

7 months of pregnancy: there are head pigs in arch;

8 months pregnant: the pig started hitting the wall;

Nine months of pregnancy: Fat pigs are demolished pigsty!IntersectionIntersection

However, each pregnant mother feels different about fetal movement. The following is 16-40 weeks of fetal movement, for the reference of pregnant mothers.

>> 【pregnant 16-19 weeks】

Features of fetal movement: Pregnant mothers sometimes feel a little trembling in the lower abdomen, and it feels unspeakable, but it is particularly wonderful; grunt, like bubbling, like intestinal sounds, and like small fish vomiting bubbles, it still seems to be like a small fish vomiting bubbles.A slight sense of blasting … The pregnant mothers who have been pregnant before may be familiar with this feeling, and quickly identify this as a fetal movement; the first pregnant pregnant mother may take a long time to realize theseThe fetus is exercising!

Reminder: When the pregnant mother is sitting or lying down, it is easier to feel the fetal movement; the pregnant mother who has not felt, should be more careful, don’t worry too much.

>> 【Pregnancy 20-23 weeks】

Features of fetal movement: As the fetal movement is moved for the first time, the number of fetal movements will become more frequent, and the feeling of fetal movement will become more and more strong; at this stage, the fetal movement is mostly the feeling of kicking, stabbing, twisting and turning the muscles; in dinnerAfter eating sweets, the fetal movement feels stronger; under the B -ultrasound, you can see the various interesting activities of the fetus, yawning, selling cute, rubbing your eyes, thinking about life, etc.

Reminder: But if the pregnant mother does not feel the fetal movement at 23 weeks of pregnancy, she will go to see a doctor and not care.

>> 【pregnant 24-28 weeks】

Features of fetal movement: The amniotic fluid provides sufficient space to move freely, and fetal movement will be more active. At this stage, fetal movement, like the fetus is doing acrobatics, can feel that the fetal limb movement is already very powerful and the whole body movement will be more stable.Sometimes the sudden noise also makes the fetus jumping; sometimes the pregnant mother may be snoring when the pregnant mother feels repeated spasm.

Reminder: At this stage, we must not only pay attention to prenatal education for the fetus, but also avoid noise affecting fetal development.

>> 【Pregnancy 29-31 weeks】

Features of fetal movement: The fetus may make smaller, more certain, and more sharp movements, such as strong promotion and kicking; sometimes if the baby moves, touch the stomach, it will feel a nausea, and sometimes the fetus will be "a" fetus at night. ""One kick" can wake up the pregnant mother.

Reminder: From this stage, pay attention to counting fetal movements every day. Generally, you choose a more active time period of the fetus and write down the number of fetal fetal movements within an hour.

Several fetal movements can help find out whether the fetus is dangerous in the mother’s belly in time.

However, many pregnant mothers do not know how many fetal movements, and they can also buy a family fetus. Every day, listen to the fetal heart sound of the fetus. Normal fetal heart can also indicate that the fetus is good.

>> 【32-35 weeks of pregnancy】

Features of fetal movement: The fetus of this pregnancy week is not small, and the small house of the uterus also begins to make the fetus feel "aggrieved"; therefore, the fetal movement will also change.Slowness, but it will last for a long time. I often see a small bag on the stomach, and even the pregnant belly becomes bigger and small because of fetal movement.

Reminder: Pregnant mothers should continue to do prenatal education for the fetus, and do a good job of delivery on time. Through fetal heart monitoring and monitoring the development of the fetus, the fetal position is confirmed by a doctor’s examination.

>> [36-40 weeks of pregnancy]

Features of fetal movement:

In the last month of pregnancy, the baby is basically the size of the birth at birth, and there is no enough space to turn around;

Some pregnant mothers may feel that the position of the fetal movement changes, and they will often kick in new places, which shows that the fetus may enter the basin;

The feeling of fetal movement also changes, and it will become slower, but it will obviously feel harder and harder; the fetal movement may make the pregnant mother feel uncomfortable or even painful.

The number of fetal movements that can be performed is also reduced, mostly normal, because the fetus is getting larger and larger, but the activity space is limited, which limits the fetal activity.

Reminder: In addition to the check -up on time, the pregnant mother must pay attention to monitoring the fetal heart and fetal movement. At this stage, it is particularly prone to fetal hypoxia.

For example, after a pregnant mother feels different from the usual "violent and powerful fetal movement", the fetal movement is getting less and less, or even the motion. This may be a dangerous signal. Pregnant mothers are best to go to the hospital for examination in time.

The above is the feeling of fetal movement after pregnancy. It is beautiful and amazing!What do you feel like your fetal movement during pregnancy? Welcome to share it ~

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