What does it mean to dream of a loved ones who died?Is it true?

When it comes to the dream, I believe everyone has a similar experience: "I dreamed that the grandfather who had passed away said it was cold and let me burn more clothes." "On the day of grandma walking, Dream told me that she was gone, and I wanted me to be good.take care"…

Most of the dreams are the loved ones who died. They described their living conditions in the "another world".

So is it true?What happened to people have dreams?Let’s take a look with Xiaowei.

From a psychological perspective, dreams are a way of subconsciousness.

The dream is actually the same as other ordinary dreams. It is the situation of the natural consciousness of the brain.

Dreaming of a loved ones who died are not really "souls" in dreaming, but because you can’t fully accept your departure of your loved ones. If you miss it too much, you will dream of the death of your loved ones, making you think you have been dreamed.

This is the so -called thoughtfulness, and there is a dream at night, which is a normal psychological phenomenon.

Of course, there are also those relatives who have died for a long time suddenly appear in dreams.

This may be that you inadvertently see the person or things related to the loved ones during the day.

You may not take it seriously now, but the subconscious will remember for you, which will cause you to dream of that relative at night.

Moreover, many dreams will always appear in reality, which makes many people very much believe in dreamer. Then, the problem is, since it is a subconscious:

This will mention another psychological function -finished.

The so -called completion is to forget the "unfinished incident" and want to complete it, thereby forming a "finished psychology", and wants to replenish things in various ways.

This is like this. When many people wake up, they will think about what do people who dream about dreams?

Therefore, there will always be obsessions about this "unsuccessful thing", and some people will urgently want to sketch it into a "complete event".

For example, someone will dream of this:

(Source: Weibo Screenshot)

In fact, this "house" in the dream is not necessarily the cemetery of the people who died, but it is long for a long time. When dreaming, I know that the cemetery needs to be repaired in the subconscious.It’s true.

In fact, this is the psychological role of the parties unknowingly using the psychological role of "finishing" to modify the dream, which is a psychological self -reality.

Although the so -called "dreamer" is only subconscious, it also has its benefits.

Human subconscious has a powerful but stereotyped memory function.

In a specific situation, you will suddenly think of the death of your loved ones, which will lead to mood such as the thoughts, concerns and guilt.

Some people want to meet the people in their dreams.

(Source: Weibo Screenshot)

Some people will dream that the ancestors are not doing well below, and then the next day they will burn more paper for their ancestors, pray, etc.

From the two aspects of consciousness and action, the nostalgia for the ancestors, thereby releasing emotions depressed in their hearts.

(Source: Weibo Screenshot)

Therefore, although the dreamer is scientifically explained, it is not a real soul to dreamed, but this is actually a way of nostalgia.

Even if it is a busy life, you can’t think of him at all times, but the subconscious will help you remember and help you miss it.

We can treat dreams as another "reunion" method, just treat it normally ~

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