What does Qingzhou early pregnancy negative representation?

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Pregnancy, a period of happiness in women’s lives.However, if you are not prepared, you find that you are pregnant by accident, which is a very troublesome and painful thing.Especially those young female friends, they know very little about pregnancy knowledge. What are the methods of checking early pregnancy?

1. Early pregnancy test strip: If you find the symptoms of early pregnancy, you can use the early pregnancy test strip to test, but the accuracy rate is only 75%, so you can go to the hospital for examination.

2. Urine pregnancy test: Professional testers use the testing instrument to test the patient’s urine samples to check whether it is pregnant.

2. B -ultrasound: B -ultrasound testing is a reliable method for diagnosis of female friends. If you are pregnant, we can see the gestational sac. If you can see the fetal heart beating in five weeks of pregnancy.

In addition to the above inspection methods, some symptoms will also occur in the body, mainly in some aspects:

First, menstruation: Menstruation stopping is the primary signal of women’s pregnancy. If women with normal menstruation have continued to discontinue menstruation for more than two weeks, and recent sexual behaviors occur, then you need to go to the hospital to check whether you are pregnant in time.

2. Early pregnancy reaction. If your menstrual period is very disordered, menstruation has stopped for several weeks, and if you are pregnant, you do n’t know. By the sixth week of pregnancy, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and acid are ecstatic.The so -called "early pregnancy reactions" such as spicy and fierce.

Third, frequent urination: After eight weeks of pregnancy, the number of urination will increase, accompanied by symptoms such as dizziness and nausea.

Fourth, breast changes: abnormal changes in breasts are also one of the important symptoms of pregnancy.For more than eight weeks of pregnancy, the breasts will have swelling, hemp and itching, the color of the nipples will gradually deepen, and dark brown rough nodules will appear around the areola.

Symptoms V. Increasing body temperature, if menopause has been discontinued for several weeks, and measured for 20 consecutive days of high body temperature and high high, it may be pregnant.

When we feel that we are pregnant, don’t be too nervous, let alone at a loss.First of all, you can make a judgment based on your reaction at this stage. If some symptoms of early pregnancy occur, we can buy a test strip for an early pregnancy test or go to the hospital for a pregnancy related examination in time.


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