What does the baby dream during pregnancy suggest?It may not be related to the sex of the baby, the mood during pregnancy can be explained

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I accidentally saw a news yesterday that more than 1 million reading has caused many heated discussions among the mother.

This thing feels quite fantasy.

Whether it is a coincidence or the reincarnation that everyone says, I think this is very warm.

But in the comment area, I talked about the dream of the fetus.

A mother -in -law said that her father who had been dreamed of her death recently came alive. In addition, her aunt was postponed for four days. She tested it in the morning and found that she was pregnant.

Another said that the money I was pregnant for several days, and the dog who dreamed of the dead every day came back.

A mother who had been fetal. After a few years, I dreamed that a little girl was hugged by someone else, crying and calling her to hold her, and said, "Mom. Do you want me?" She answered "MomI want you. "Now my daughter is two weeks.

Seeing the comment area is getting more and more fantasy.

In fact, I think the baby dream is quite amazing. I always hear some pregnant mothers say what happened and what animals when they are pregnant.Then the baby is related to this dream after birth.

There is a saying that the baby’s dream is the original dialogue of the baby and mother in the stomach …

When I said above, when they described their dreams, although they were amazing, they could also feel that they were particularly warm when they said this dream, and they pinned this emotion on the children.Essence

This topic is really easy to stimulate the desire to discuss the discussion of Baoma and expectant mothers.

Many sisters around me talked to me about my fetal dreams, and I roughly divided them into three categories.

There are nightmares that have suffered losses

Just like the mother -in -law mentioned earlier, she dreamed of the little girl in the arms of others and asked her if she wanted her, and woke up with tears.

There are also people who have dreamed of bleeding and flowing a lot of blood. Such dreams can scare expectant mothers.

Have a beautiful and peaceful dream

There is a vast grass in the dream, the sun is gentle, the breeze blows, and the mood is very peaceful, and the whole person is very comfortable.I also dreamed of seeing the vast galaxy, watching the beautiful scenery in the sky, and so on. After this dream wakes up, I feel that my mind and mind are comfortable, and they still remember it.

There are also symbols such as animals, plants and other symbols that suggest gender dreams

Generally, for this dream, the old people have given fantasy, saying that they will imply the sex of the baby, such as dreaming of snakes and dreams, suggesting different gender.But such a statement is more to share it as an interesting thing, and there is no scientific basis to confirm.

There is a mother who dreams of being dragged away by a particularly big snake, but the girl was born, and the loved ones who dreamed of the death came over with the flowers … too much.

But when the baby born is the same as the analysis, it will say that the baby dream is too accurate, but on the other side, when you are not allowed, you will say that the dream is reversed.Usually it is okay to talk about it, but it is not accurate and there is no basis.

What exactly does the baby dream?

I rarely dream of a few years ago, but when I was Huai Erbao, I started to dream frequently. When I woke up, I either cry, or unfortunately, or laughed. I felt that the dream was particularly amazing.Read Freud’s "Analysis of Dreams".In this book, he believes that the subconsciousness of the dream representative is also a psychological mapping of the human brain for reality or future.

It is reasonable to explain the dream of expectant mothers in this statement.

For example, dreaming of a lot of blood is actually highly nervous about expectant mothers, and is particularly afraid of losing the baby, so this kind of picture will appear in the dream; for those who dream of special symbols, it is undeniable that there is a psychological suggestion inside.

For example, you are more inclined to female babies. In addition, when listening to the old people saying that the old people are dreaming of the flowers, the flowers indicate a girl, this strong desire will appear in the dream. If the last is really a female baby, it is a dream.After the spirit, it is better to say that you have to pay for it.

For another example, if you want a female treasure, you are afraid of giving birth to a male treasure. The old man says that you dream of a snake and heralded a boy. You are worried about fear, so you dream of a snake.

This is the dreamer of the night.

I also checked some academic papers and some popular science materials about dreams. The relevant information of the National Sleep Foundation answered a series of questions about fetal dreams in a scientific way.

As I said, I have n’t dreamed for a long time, and I started to dream frequently when I was in Huai Erbao, and I felt very real.

For this phenomenon, there are three reasons in the data:

① The changes in hormones during pregnancy lead to a more frequent dream of expectant mothers;

② Whether it is physical fatigue during pregnancy, the spirit is also very tired, so pregnant women are more fatigue and more lethargic.Sleep more and have a chance to dream.

③ expectant mothers will always worry about the safety of the fetal treasure, and the fantasy of the child’s future with the family will be available, so it will appear in a dream way. Sometimes it is what you worry about. This is the nightmare. It appears.The picture is very beautiful, that is naturally a dream.

Learn to deal with unpleasant dreams and make less anxiety during pregnancy

There is an analysis of fetal dreams above. This does not completely indicate certain things, but it can explain the psychological state of expectant mothers. Therefore, knowing the reason, it is natural to solve the inner anxiety and fear.If you are still uneasy, you can tell the doctor, or find someone to discuss it. For example, share the comment area below and talk about what kind of dream you have ever made!

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