What does the Chinese medicine that "pregnant women avoid"?

Two days ago, a pregnant mother anxiously consulted me. I took the yellow sunflower capsule for more than a month, and suddenly found that it seemed that the pregnant woman could not take it. Even if the medicine was stopped, can the baby continue?

First, let’s take a look at the instructions of this Chinese medicine.The yellow sunflower capsule, a Chinese medicine for the treatment of nephropathy with a single ingredient of Huangdao and Hake, can clearly benefit dampness and heat, detoxify and swelling, and use it for damp heat syndrome of chronic nephritis.According to the instructions [contraindication] records, "pregnant women avoid taking it".What is "avoiding"?The understanding of ordinary people is basically disabled, that is, pregnant women must not be eaten.If a pregnant woman who has been taking for more than a month, the baby is also likely to be impossible.

Yellow Kwai Capsule Manual

If this is over, then this article is boring.Therefore, this problem is far from being so simple, but more complicated.

Where is the complexity?First of all, we say that pregnant women with chemicals are disabled, and then it must be disabled, otherwise it is likely to cause the baby to develop abnormalities.For example, the once -popular "reaction stop" Saliamide belongs to "pregnant women disable", then if you take it, it is likely to cause your baby to become "seal".This time the pneumonia’s trial chemical phosphate phosphate is also "prohibited by pregnant women". Then, if you take it, it will cause fetal stagnant water, limbs, deafness and deafness.Therefore, for chemicals, many times for pregnant women are actually equivalent to synonymous words of "deformed".

Pregnant women’s disable one of chemicals

But, in fact, traditional Chinese medicine is not exactly like this.Some of the Chinese medicine pregnancy taboo drugs may also cause fetal development abnormalities, such as cinnabar and majestic toxic mineral drugs.However, there will also be a large number of Chinese medicines. The reason for their disabled for pregnant women is not to cause teratogenic, but because they may cause abortion, such as Huang Shwan’s ingredients Huangdao Aoi.According to the records of Chinese grass, Huang Hemonhopher Flower is the flower of the gallopic plant, Huang Hollyhow or Gangya Yellow Hollyhow flower. It is medicinal and cool, non -toxic, can diuretic and diuretic, promoting blood circulation and hemostasis.In "Jiayou’s Materia Medica" records, "Treatment of urination and giving birth …".Look at it, it is a Chinese medicine that can promote both blood and spawn.So simple. For Huang Hollyo, the reason why pregnant women cannot take is may cause miscarriage.Of course, this is not to say that the possibility of yellow sunflower has no other possibilities. However, the existing information can not find the clinical data of abnormal fetal development after taking the yellow sunflower, and even the animal experimental data.Therefore, from the perspective of existing materials and general logical perspectives, the reason for the manual labeling "pregnant women avoid" is a high probability that it may cause abortion.

Huang Shi Flower

Therefore, the most likely reason for the "pregnant woman to take" Huangkui Capsules is because the effect of the ingredients of the ingredients of the ingredients is "promoting blood" and "oxytoculation".In fact, in the 2015 version of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, the taboos of Huang Holly Helling are already "useful for pregnant women", rather than "avoiding use of pregnant women" or "pregnant women disable".This small difference also shows that there are still differences between the Chinese medicine disabled by other pregnant women.In fact, a research published by Xiaogin Pharmacist in 2016 is actually a hierarchical division of the safety of Chinese medicine pregnancy, accurately defining disable, avoiding use and cautious use, and classification and analysis of traditional Chinese medicine.From now on, this study still has very important value.

Yellow Holly Holk Flower recorded in Chinese Pharmacopoeia

Finally, returning to that example, the pregnant mother did not tell the baby’s abnormal situation. We suggested that she consult a few more doctors (including Chinese medicine and Western medicine). On the one hand, stop the medicine as soon as possible, on the other hand, in the future, in the futureJust pay close attention to the checkup, not to give up this baby.

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