What effect does it affect the eyes of pregnant women during pregnancy?You may pay attention to these few

Hello everyone, I am a vine -educating childcare. Many friends ask me. When I am pregnant, my eyes are a little uncomfortable. They do n’t know what wrong with, so I will explain to you here that when I am pregnant, the physiological effect on the eyesEssenceIn fact, vision and eye health may affect all stages of pregnancy and postpartum breastfeeding.

So, what are the problems of vision during pregnancy?

The common eye symptoms of pregnant people include itching, burning, hard, eye water, and blurred vision intermittent.The above symptoms are caused by the temporary physiological changes of the eyes.

Dry eyes: This is a very common situation, hormones change in the body of pregnant women.The changes in hormones will eventually affect the production of tears, and the lack of lubrication on the eye surface will manifest as the stimulation and discomfort of the eye.Artificial tears are a bit helpful in these cases, and it is easy to obtain, just to ensure that they are products for pregnant women.

Eyeline changes: The pigment surrounding the eyelids is usually called melasma. At the same time, the eyelids are drooping and the upper eyelid droop. Both are caused by hormones that affect melanocytes and control the muscles of the upper eyelid movement.

It is good to check the health of the eyes during pregnancy, especially if you are doubtful about your physical health, but you can’t guide the eyes when you are pregnant. Because the variable is too large, I always recommend that you have childbirth at childbirth.I just put on glasses in the next few months.

Visual changes: Although the unstable tear membrane will affect this, the main reason is the change of corneal curvature.This is the result of corneal swelling, also known as corneal edema, which is caused by the hormonal effects accumulated by liquid accumulation in the eyes.The changes in the crystal body curvature rate in the eyes can also cause visual damage.The corneal work is a near -visual task that adapts to vision, such as reading.Due to the role of hormones, the curvature of the lens changes again, which may cause temporarily losing the adjustment ability, so it is difficult to focus on the target of close range.

Due to the changes in corneal structure and the low efficiency of tears, it is not uncommon for contact lenses to be impatient during pregnancy.Both eyes change will cause the lens to be uncomfortable, so it is uncomfortable.If artificial tear liquid helps comfort, it is best to stop wearing a lens before childbirth.

Visual changes: Most of them are temporary and are considered as the result of the expansion of the intra -intra -intra -end body adenoma caused by pregnancy. It can compress areas related to normal vision in the brain.

The immune defense of pregnant women will be re -protected to protect the baby, but this often causes the mother to become susceptible to infectious diseases such as conjunctivitis.Interestingly, some chronic eye diseases, such as uveitis (its non -contagious form), seem to improve during pregnancy.

The early stage of eclampsia is related to the increase in blood pressure during the entire pregnancy and may lead to more dangerous eclampsia.The fragile vascular network of the eyes can be affected by these two situations, causing signs and symptoms similar to hypertension retinopathy, such as the bleeding and leakage of these blood vessels during optic neurological lesions.If you suffer from eclampsion or eclamps, make sure you check your eyes at least once during pregnancy, and pay attention to flash, visual blind spots, resoluteness, and vision decreases that need to pay attention to more serious visual symptoms immediately.

This is a bigger problem for those who have diabetes before pregnancy before pregnancy, because it can cause retinal changes, such as blood vessel rupture, and in more extreme cases, the retina is separated.Diabetes during gestational does not seem to bring too many problems to eye health, but it is worth noting.

Most visual symptoms can be relieved after childbirth. However, if you are uncertain about your eyes during pregnancy, don’t be afraid to receive ophthalmology examinations.As mentioned earlier, checking the health of the eyes is never a problem. In some cases, it is important to avoid irreversible damage.It is generally recommended to observe within about 2 months after delivery to restore the hormonal level. The exception is that if you are breastfeeding, because the hormone level is still fluctuating during this time, it may have a longer effect on vision.

Therefore, pregnancy will have a certain degree of impact on the eyes, but most of them are temporary and can be monitored and improved. Therefore, I hope that my friends will not be too anxious, and it is more important to relax.

Well, this is here for sharing today. Interested friends remember to share it. We see you next time.

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