What examinations do I have to check during pregnancy?

Blood routine -testing whether you are anemia, pregnant women with anemia will make the fetus hypoxia.

Urine routine -detecting your urinary tract infection, urinary tract infection can cause abortion or premature birth.

Liver and kidney function test -determine whether you have liver and kidney diseases, because pregnancy will increase the condition.

Blood type examination -according to the blood type of you and your husband, judge whether the baby is born with hemolysis (that is, the red blood cell rupture).

Syphilic serum test -check whether you have syphilis.If you suffer from syphilis, you can pass directly to the fetus through the placenta, which may cause neonatal to be congenital syphilis.

AIDS’s serum examination -Normally under normal circumstances, your HIV antibody is negative. If it is positive, because this is a very serious disease that damages the immune system, and it can be spread by maternal and infants, so it may take the way to stop pregnancy.End pregnancy.

Bacterial examination of gonorrhea -If you have gonorrhea, you will pass it to your baby.

Hepatitis B virus science -If you have hepatitis B, the early pregnancy reaction in early pregnancy will increase, and it is easy to develop into acute severe hepatitis and endanger life.At the same time, hepatitis B virus can infected the fetus through the placenta.

Hepatitis C virus examination -this item will also be passed to the fetus.

Donald syndrome pre -produced screening -can screen a high -risk mothers who have congenital stupid fetuses.

Torch syndrome pre -production screening -If 4 months of pregnancy, if the rubella virus (RV), Toxoplasma (TOX), and giant cytoplasm virus (CMV) can cause severe congenital malformations in the fetus.Even abortion.

ECG test -this test is to detect whether you have heart disease to confirm whether you can withstand childbirth.

Ultrasound -B ultra -examination can see the body’s body, head, fetal heartbeat, placenta, amniotic fluid and umbilical cord.It can detect whether the fetus survives, whether the fetus is multiple, and identify whether it is malformed.

Vaginal secretion -detect whether you have vaginitis.If vaginitis is relatively mild before childbirth, it can also be controlled and cured by drugs. If it is serious before childbirth, it can only be taken to take a cesarean section.Because the probability of perineal tear in patients with vaginitis will be very high. Even if side -cut surgery is performed, the wound of the side cutting will extend, and vaginitis will cause the perineal tissue to lose elasticity and cannot provide sufficient contraction during childbirth.In short, vaginitis has great harm to maternal childbirth and puerpeaks.

Gestational diabetes screening -this is a common pregnancy disease, and it is also a more harmful pregnancy disease. It will seriously lead to death of the fetus and mother.Pay attention to blood glucose value.

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