What fruits can be eaten during pregnancy and which fruits cannot be eaten

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1. Hawthorn: The blood circulation and stasis can have a certain contraction effect on the uterus. In the early stages of pregnancy, pay attention to a small amount of consumption. Pregnant women with a history of abortion or a sign of abortion should avoid eating, even hawthorn products are no exception.

2. Litchi and longan: From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, after women are pregnant, their physique is generally hot, and yin -blood is often insufficient.At this time, some hot fruits such as lychee and longan should be eaten in moderation. Otherwise, it is easy to cause symptoms such as constipation and sores of the tongue. Especially pregnant women with aura abortion should be more cautious, because hot fruits are more likely to cause fetal movement uneasiness.Essence

3. Sita: Eating watermelon in moderation can diuretic, but eating too much is easy to cause dehydration of pregnant women.Fetal movement and tire leakage (those with premature birth symptoms) should avoid eating.And watermelon has a high sugar content, and eating too much can easily cause gestational diabetes.

4. Citrus: There are many citrus varieties, including sweet orange, south orange, nuclear orange, grapefruit, etc.They all have the common advantages of nutrition and their body.Its juice is rich in citric acid, amino acids, carbohydrates, fat, various vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients. It is a food that pregnant women like to eat.

However, citrus is delicious and not eaten.Because the citrus is warm and sweet, the yang is nourished, and the excess is reversed in the body without complement.Pregnant women should not eat more than 3 citrus daily.

5, persimmon: persimmon is cold, has the functions of clearing heat, moisturizing the lungs, reinforcement, quenching thirst, antitussive, phlegm, etc. It is suitable for the treatment of hypertension, chronic bronchitis, arteriosclerosis, hemorrhoids, blood stool, and constipation.Its nutritional and medicinal value is suitable for pregnant women with appropriate amount.Especially for pregnant women with hypertension syndrome for pregnancy, they can "eat or two."Therefore, eating persimmons should be ordered until one meal.So pregnant women can eat persimmons but not more.

6. Strange fruit: Due to the cold fruits, those with cold spleen and stomach should eat cautiously, and those with frequent diarrhea and frequent urination should not be eaten.It is more appropriate to eat for 1-3 hours after meals, and it is not advisable to eat on an empty stomach.Specific mothers who have a threatened abortion do not eat kiwi.

7. Pineapple, bananas, rose grapes, pomegranate and apricot: These fruits should be eaten in moderation.Pineapple, banana, rose grapes and other fruits have high sugar content. Pregnant women with obesity and family history of diabetes should also eat less, so as not to consume too much sugar.If pregnant women are anemia, eat less pomegranate and apricot.

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