What happened to the child’s stomach pain?

"My child does not know how many stomach pains have been shouted in the past six months. Sometimes when they eat, sometimes when they play, they will return to normal every few minutes.I thought the child was pretended, but when I repeatedly, I went to other hospitals to check blood, B -ultrasound, routine, and urine routine. It was normal. For this reason, I was very anxious.… "The children’s clinics have often encountered children who are troubled by the same problem to see the clinic.

If the child often has abdominal pain for unknown causes, it is normal to go to the hospital to check the indicators. It may be functional abdominal pain with the following clinical manifestations:


The symptoms of abdominal pain lasted for 2 months, and the symptoms were at least once a week to eliminate the germinated abdominal pain.

Pain location

Most of the umbilical weeks or upper abdomen paroxysmal abdominal pain, abdominal pain is generally hidden pain, pain is about several minutes -1 hours, which has no effect on development and nutrition. The abdominal tenderness position is not fixed.

Why does functional abdominal pain occur? On the one hand, children’s gastrointestinal digestion and absorption function develops inaccurate and weak, so improper diet, cold food, overeating, irregular food, picky food, etc.Functional abdominal pain;

On the other hand, the child’s internal organs are highly sensitive. In short, the gastrointestinal tract is more sensitive to various stimuli.The increase in visceral sensitivity is the result of nerve disorders of internal organs, which is related to long -term psychological factors.Tension, anxiety, long -term emotional depression, etc. can cause high sensitivity of internal organs.

If children have functional diarrhea, in daily life, parents should pay attention to allowing children to avoid eating foods that cause worsening abdominal pain, such as greasy, caffeine, snacks, cold foods, etc.In addition, avoid overeating, eating more dietary fiber, and timing defecation to maintain smooth stools, maintain a good psychological state and social activities, and disperse attention during pain.

However, it is necessary to remind parents: If abdominal pain continues to be relieved or worsen, it is accompanied by any special performance such as fever, vomiting, diarrhea, blood stool, skin bleeding point, poor spirit, and weight loss.Sex lesions.

Text/Sha Yuying Wu Yan (Peking University Shougang Hospital)

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

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