What happened to the lattice of leucorrhea suddenly?4 factors cannot be ignored

Lands always indicate the privacy and health of women, such as identifying the color, odor, and traits of leucorrhea. Under normal circumstances, the amount of leucorrhea is relatively small, generally white or transparent, and generally appears around and after menstruation.But if women find that their leucorrhea is abnormal, they need to pay attention.So why does this happen?Let’s take a look at it together!

What’s wrong with the blood of the leucorrhea suddenly?

1. Caused by retreat bleeding

If the menstrual regulatory drugs are applied to menopathery and contraceptives, bleeding is often discontinued due to hormone levels.The amount of bleeding is generally not too large, and it can disappear in about a week, don’t worry too much.

2. Caused by gynecological benign disease

Functional disorders uterine hemorrhage: There is no organic disease in the reproductive organs, but endocrine disorders, so dysfunctional uterine bleeding will occur.At this time, symptoms such as irregular vaginal bleeding and increased menstruation will occur, and timely treatment is needed, otherwise anemia may occur due to excessive blood loss.

Uterine adenocular disease: When the endometrium glandular body invades the uterine muscle layer, the disease can be induced.After the onset, symptoms such as increased menstruation, extension of menstrual period, irregular vaginal bleeding, and dysmenorrhea will occur.

3. Caused by gynecological malignant tumors

When suffering from malignant tumor diseases such as cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, and ovarian cancer, it can also cause white bands for a long time with blood and accompanied by odor.

4. Pregnancy -related diseases

Abortion: After menopause, you have a leucorrhea with blood, accompanied by symptoms of abdominal pain. You should consider whether there is a threatened or abortic or abortion, and you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Ectopic pregnancy: If the fertilized eggs are not implanted in the uterine cavity and grow in the fallopian tube, it is ectopic pregnancy.With the growth of fertilized eggs, the fallopian tubes are ruptured, and leucorrhea with blood and abdominal pain will occur, which may bleed in severe cases.

How to do nursing work well?

1. Pay more attention to rest

Women need more knowledge of menstrual physiology and health.During the period of blood leucorrhea, pay more attention to rest, avoid overwork, pay attention to local cleanliness and prevent infection.Abdominal pain can apply local hot compresses and keep emotional stability.In addition, more exercise can effectively combat diseases of diseases; drink plenty of water, eat more high-quality protein and vitamin foods to ensure sleeping 7-8 hours a day.

2. Wear cotton underwear

Women prefer loose cotton underwear to ensure dry and ventilated genitals.At the same time, pay attention to local cleaning, use warm water for local cleaning, and do not abuse the cleaning solution.

3. Control the number of sexual life

Frequent "same rooms" will increase the risk of infection, so the number of "same rooms" must be controlled, especially in menstrual period, puerperium and early pregnancy.In addition, keep the perineum clean, do not share the bathtubs and towels with others.

4. Adjust the mental state

Excessive mental tension or psychological depression, the pressure of work and life can easily cause blood lecks, so you need to adjust your psychological state, cultivate a broad mind, and reasonably vent your emotions.

Finally, it is still to remind female friends that if women’s leucorrhea lasts for a long time and has a trend of deterioration, they need to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination to eliminate the possibility of illness.Even if women do not have any discomfort, they should go to the hospital for gynecological examinations.

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