What happened to women who have done "people"?The answer may you never imagine

Unexpected pregnancy or due to the lack of nature. For unmarried first, many people will choose to end the abortion surgery under the end of the case, a innocent little life.

Whether it is TV or street advertisements, it is covered with painless slogans, which has made many women start choosing "shortcuts".How harmful to the physical abortion surgery to the body?

1. Different methods: The method of taking drugs is used to terminate pregnancy, and artificial abortion uses surgical to terminate pregnancy;

2. Different people are different: The drug and abortion is mainly aimed at the early pregnancy women with a diameter of 2cm in the ultrasound within 49 days of menopause.Artificial abortion is wider than the applicable time of drug abortion;

3. Different success rates: The success rate of drug abortion is about 80%-90%, and the success rate of artificial abortion is higher;

4. Different uterine injuries: If the drug abortion is successful, the uterine injury is smaller than artificial abortion, because artificial abortion is a surgical operation, which is relatively large for endometrial damage.

Specific choice of drug abortion or artificial abortion should be determined based on women’s pregnancy time and fetal sac.It is also necessary to judge based on whether the patient has drug contraindications and the history of allergies. There is a certain failure rate of drug abortion, and follow -up observations need to be carried out.If the abortion of the drug fails, the cleansing surgery is needed to scrape the uterine cavity to make the embryo clean.

1. The harm of abortion to women’s minds to women’s psychology is often ignored. Many women who have been abortion. After a few years, they will think of the embryos that she flows off when she is born in the year.Conspiracy.She would think, if she didn’t have a flow of people, my child should be so big.

2. Abortion may cause the uterine cavity and cervical canal adhesion to repeatedly absorb the contents of the uterine cavity may cause the uterine cavity and cervical tubular adhesion. It can also occur in uterine cavity accumulation or menstrual blood inflow into the abdominal cavity, causing endometriosis and cycle cycle to cause endometriosis and cycle.Domestic abdominal pain.

3. Modernation causes endometrium damage to the amenorrhea and continuous artificial discharge, and the base layer of the endometrium will be repeatedly damaged, so that the functional layer cannot grow again.Although the ovarian function is intact, ovulation is ovulated on time, the function layer of the factor’s endometrium cannot be regenerated after falling off, and it will not come to menstruation, so amenorrhea occurs.

4. The most problems in gynecological are irregular menstruation, while menstrual pushing and small menstruation account for a large proportion.According to relevant reports, the rate of infertility caused by the flow of unmarried people, especially after the first abortion, is as high as 10%.The reason for this may be that the cervix and uterine cavity adhesion after the operation, which affects the secondary pregnancy.It may also be caused by the dysfunction of fallopian tubes after surgery or motion dysfunction of fallopian tubes.

5. Increased natural abortion rate.The most common complications after artificial abortion are cervical damage, especially the possibility of cervical injury of unmarried flow of people.And when you are pregnant again, you will cause premature or abortion due to incomplete cervix.

6. Anesthesia accidents.There is a pain without pain, but this situation must be anesthetized to perform surgery.However, the whole body anesthesia is dangerous. For example, there may be a problem of allergies to anesthesia, such as vomiting and reflux may occur during the process of anesthesia.No matter what kind of accident, it will be damaged to the body.

First, the flow of people is a trauma for the body, so you must pay attention to rest after abortion.The statutory rest time of the country is two weeks, so it is necessary to rest for two weeks, especially the first three days after miscarriage. We must pay attention to rest and avoid overwork.

Second, pay attention to adjusting the diet structure, eat more foods rich in high -quality vitamins, minerals, protein and dietary fiber, avoid cold, spicy, and irritating foods, and choose light, easy to digest and nutritious foods.

Third, under the guidance of a doctor, follow the doctor’s advice, choose antibiotics and promote the recovery of the uterus.

Fourth, within one month after the flow of people, the menstrual tide cannot be the same before the cleaning of menstruation, and it is necessary to strictly prohibit sexual life.

Fifth, within two weeks after miscarriage, when the dew was not completely clean, pots of bathing, swimming, and hot springs cannot be performed to avoid the occurrence of infectious diseases.

Sixth, proper choice of drugs that promote the shrinkage of the uterus should be selected under the guidance of a doctor.

Seventh, pay attention to observe the phenomenon of bleeding, fever, uterine pain and other phenomena after abortion.The pain 3 days after abortion is completely relieved. The time and the amount of bleeding after abortion are basically equivalent to the usual menstrual flow. If fever occurs, the amount of bleeding is significantly more than 1.5-2 times the usual menstrual flow, or it still has more than 10 days after miscarriage.The lochia is not clean, and you need to seek medical treatment in time.

1. Pay attention to the flow of people

The flow of people is not as early as possible. Under normal circumstances, the best time for women is about 40 to 50 days. At this time, the uterus will not be too large, the uterine wall will not be too thin, the embryo tissue is easy to suck out so surgery is easy to surgery.Time will be relatively short, and less bleeding is conducive to later recovery.Therefore, women who want to choose the flow of people are best to choose for surgery during this period.

2. Do a good pre -operative examination

Preoperative examination is very important for guaranty’s smooth performer, because you can know whether you are suitable for people, such as ectopic pregnancy or gynecological inflammation through inspection.

3. Choose a professional hospital

The choice of people’s flow hospitals is very important. Be sure to choose a regular professional hospital. Otherwise, if the abortion environment is unhygienic, it may bring harm to people, and it can easily lead to female infertility. It will also harm life and health.

4. Choose the way of flowing suitable for you

With the development of science and technology, the flow of people has also changed diverse, such as painless people, visible painless flow, etc. Women can choose the most suitable way of people according to their own conditions. This can also reduce the impact of surgery on health on health.To the lowest.

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