What happens if pregnant women give birth on the plane?

Although it sounds a bit wonderful, there are indeed some pregnant women close to the delivery of labor.Therefore, it is inevitable that a few people did give birth to a child on the plane, which gave birth to a child.According to some data, about 60 babies in the world are delivered on the plane.So, what happens when this really happens on the plane?Let’s discuss this time.

In fact, most airlines now have some restrictions on pregnant women’s planes. Generally, pregnant women who are pregnant for more than 38 weeks are not recommended, but there are accidents when unexpected situations occur.Once this rare situation occurs, the response of flight attendants on the plane becomes very important.But to know, the air passenger has no skills to help women get birth. Therefore, they may help passengers on the plane and ask if there are doctors or nurses.If not, the plane may only land urgently.

This is a more complicated question about where the baby is born after birth.But one thing is yes, babies can get the same citizenship as their parents.However, there are some regulations in some countries that if babies are born in their lead, they can obtain their citizenship, such as the United States.But this is not applicable in the UK.

There are some rumors that babies born on the plane can fly for free for life.But this situation is actually rare.Only a few babies can enjoy free flights for life, such as a baby boy from Indian airlines and a baby girl from Egyptian airlines.Babies born in polar airlines, Asian airlines, Asia -Pacific airlines or airline flights, and a baby born on Virgin Atlantic Airlines can get free tickets before 21 years old.In 2017, a boy was born on a flight of American Spiritual Airlines. He got a free ticket on his birthday on his birthday, but there was an additional passenger.

This is a very rare situation. Jielan Airlines is a low -cost airline in the United States. In 2019, a pregnant woman gave birth to a baby boy on the plane.This is the youngest passenger in the history of the airline. To commemorate this, the aircraft was renamed "Born Blue".

The plane is not an ideal production environment.Because the air on the plane is thinner, it will make it difficult for babies to breathe.Moreover, it may not only lack professionals on the plane, but also very lack of medical equipment.If pregnant women have to have a cesarean section, it will become a very troublesome problem.

Of course, in an emergency, when giving birth on the plane, the flight attendants will do their best to help pregnant women.Even in order to provide a better environment for pregnant women and babies, they were transferred to the first class or business class.

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