What inspections should be done before pregnancy

There is a proverb in the West: pregnant women are the most beautiful.When you want to appreciate the magic and wonderfulness of life, you must be curious, looking forward to and full of worry: how can we bred a healthy and smart child?Checking before pregnancy can help you.

In order to be responsible for the baby in the future, the couple are best to conduct a comprehensive system of physical examination in the first year before pregnancy.Many young couples complained that they couldn’t touch the pre -pregnancy examination and felt particularly cumbersome. Therefore, I used the classification method below to introduce.In this way, it is clear at a glance which department should I go to the department and which department should I check at a glance.

1. Sperm examination

Sperm is a very important factor in eugenics. Through routine semen examination and sperm functional examination, you can understand the amount of sperm, the total number of sperm, density, sperm activity, sperm form, mildew and trichomonas infection, etc.be prepared.If you find that the sperm is not high or the number of deformities is too high, you can find the cause of the cause in time.

Evaluating sperm quality, specimen is the most critical link.Before taking the specimen, men should not be less than 3 days, but it should not exceed 7 days. It is most suitable for about 5 days.The temperature requirements when taking sperm are also very high. It is best to be between 25 ° C and 37 ° C. Excessive or too low temperature will affect the vitality and quality of the sperm.

When evaluating sperm quality, it is best to take the sperm at the hospital for sperm.Some men feel that it is inconvenient to be at the hospital, and choose at home. First of all, pay attention to the appropriate temperature on the way to take sperm specimens and sperm.The room, and the specimen must be kept complete, do not sprinkle, so as not to affect the accuracy of the test results.

2. STD test: including men’s sperm support and chlamydia.Blood syphilis, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, AIDS examination

These diseases are sexually transmitted diseases, and husbands and wives can be transmitted to each other, which is not good for the health of the fetus.

3. Others:

Husbands also need to check the blood type, which is helpful to judge the blood type of mother and children.It is also necessary to undergo a full set of inspections with his wife. The significance of the inspection will be introduced in detail in the following content.

1. Self -test weight

Generally, the body fat is measured at the weight index (the weight of the weight of the body). If the body weight is 55 kg and the height is 1.60 meters, the weight index is about 21.5.The weight index is 20-25 is the standard weight, and the reproductive ability is the most vigorous.Too thin or overweight will disrupt women’s ovulation cycle.

2. Obstetrics and Gynecology Examination

★ Reproductive organs: Whether there are vaginal mediastinals, bisals such as twin uterus, or whether there is cervical erosion. If so, cytology examination should be done to eliminate cervical cancer.Cervical erosion above II needs to be treated first.

★ Routine examinations of vaginal secretions: Trichomonas, mold, bacteria, and gonococci infections can be found. These diseases will increase during pregnancy, and even cause amnioticitis, miscarriage, premature birth, etc. Therefore, you should be treated before pregnancy.Patients with gonococcus infection infection can cause pus leaky eyes and even blindness during childbirth.

★ Vaginal secretions, chlamydia and chlamydia culture: If there is, it is not easy to get pregnant. During pregnancy, miscarriage and premature birth are prone to occur.

★ A full set of deformed checks: including rubella, Toxoplasma, Giant Cytic Virus, and Polypertos Virus.Once these four pathogens are infected, especially in the first three months of pregnancy, they will cause abortion and fetal malformations. Therefore, the diagnosis of toxoplasma and giant cells should be treated immediately after examination.When rubella antibody is greater than 1: 20, it has a protective effect.Those who have no rubella antibody or the validity of the effective indicator can be vaccinated, and the protective rate is more than 90%, but avoiding conception within 3 months after injection.The rubella vaccine is injected once, the protection time lasted about 10 years, without adverse reactions, safety and effectiveness.Pure herpes virus is not only related to fetal malformations and abortion, but also related to the occurrence of cervical cancer.

★ Blood routine examination: Check the blood type. If the woman is O, the man is a non -O -type blood, the first child may occur with maternal blood types.If the woman is RH negative and the man is RH positive, the maternal blood type incompleteness is 90%in the second child. During pregnancy, it is necessary to properly handle it under the guidance of a professional doctor.If anemia needs to be treated in time, iron deficiency will adversely affect the development of the fetus.

★ Blood glucose examination: If it is diabetes, the amount of insulin needs to be adjusted during pregnancy and childbirth.Pregnant women in diabetes are also prone to deformity, death, huge children, and neonatal palaces. Newborn prone to respiratory distress syndrome, hypoglycemia, newborn jaundice, need to prevent early prevention and proper treatment.

★ Hepatitis B, hepatitis C, liver and kidney function, AIDS, and syphilis: The above diseases can be transmitted to the fetus and may affect the development of the fetus.Hepatitis B and hepatitis C pregnant women are best to give birth to cesarean section, and timely vaccination with antibodies and vaccines in time after delivery.Liver and kidney function abnormalities need to be further found for the cause and symptomatic treatment.AIDS patients should not be pregnant and childbirth.Patients with syphilis can cause fetal malformations, and it is best to get pregnant after cure.

★ Hematous endocrine hormone test: including thyroid hormone, pyracine promoting hormone release hormones, adrenal corticosteroids, adrenocorticoid hormone release hormones, estrogen, androgen, progesterone, follicle stimulatoryin, and lutein.It can be found through examination of abnormalities and diseases of thyroid, adrenal, ovaries, hypothalamus and pituitary.If estrogen ,rogens, progesterone, follicle stimulatory, and luteinomatoplastin abnormalities are found, the patient’s menstruation is irregular, and there may be no ovulation.If necessary, doctors will recommend that you further check the pituitary or hypothalamus function according to the results of the examination, and further clarify the diagnosis and treatment.

★ B -ultrasound: Check whether there are tumors in the paragar.If so, surgery should be treated first.After half a year, the thyroid function was normal to get pregnant.

Check whether there are gallbladder stones.If so, surgery should be treated first.3 months after surgery can be pregnant.

Check whether there is kidney stones.If so, you can use the lithotriplasm in the ultrasonic.Otherwise, the onset of illness is painful and troublesome.3 months after surgery can be pregnant.

Check whether the uterus and bilateral fallopian tubes and ovaries are sound and the size is normal. There are diseases such as ovarian tumors, uterine fibroids, etc. If there are ovarian tumors, surgery is needed first.If the uterine fibroids are less than 2 cm, you can get pregnant first.However, uterine fibroids will increase with pregnancy, so it should be tightly monitored during pregnancy.If the fibroids are greater than 2 cm, they should be pregnant after half a year, otherwise fibroids that grow during pregnancy may cause abortion, fetal compression deformities, or delayed development of fetal uterus.If the fibroids are located near the fallopian tube, it is possible to compress the fallopian tube and cause infertility.If the fibroids are submucosal fibroids, surgical resection should be first.

Check whether the heart is inherently defective. If so, due to the increase in heart burden during pregnancy, it may lead to heart failure. It is necessary to deal with it under the guidance of a professional doctor.

3. Internal medicine examination

★ Blood pressure: The basic blood pressure value before pregnancy is very helpful for the diagnosis of hypertension during pregnancy.If high blood pressure is found, it should be treated in a timely manner under the guidance of the doctor, otherwise the condition may be worse after pregnancy, resulting in serious consequences such as placental peeling, intracranial hemorrhage, retinal stripping, and inside the fetus.

★ ECG test: ECG test can find problems such as myocardial ischemia and uneven heart rate.If it is not found in time, the above condition may increase during pregnancy.

★ Urine routine examination: If there are urinary tract infections or nephritis, pyelonephritis, you can find it in time and you can get pregnant after cure.

★ X -optical chest slices: exclude lung disease.X -ray examination during pregnancy will have a great adverse effect on fetal development, so it is necessary to check and treat them in advance.

4. Surgical examination

★ Breast examination: Whether the breasts have nodules and blocks. If so, you need to further B -ultrasound examination. If it is a benign tumor, you can get pregnant after surgery.If it is mammal, there is no need to deal with it.If it is a malignant tumor, surgery must be surgery.Can you consult a professional doctor after surgery?

★ Anal examination: Whether there are hemorrhoids, if there are, due to the pressure of pelvic cavity, congestion, hemorrhoids will increase during pregnancy. It is recommended to get pregnant after appropriate treatment.

5. Stomatology examination

Before pregnancy, you should check whether there are diseases such as dental caries, periodontitis, pulpitis, and pulpitis and treat them accordingly. The above disease may increase during pregnancy.

6. Genetic consultation (eugenics and educational department)

If there are single genes, multi -gene or chromosomal genetic diseases in the family of both sides, such as: hemophilia, deaf dumb, albinism, adverse spinalitis, Tang family syndrome, lupus erythematosus, or there have been unknown causes of miscarriage, abnormalities, abnormalities,The couple of fetal history should go to the eugenics outpatient clinic for genetic consultation.Some genetic diseases can be screened through pre -transplantation diagnosis of IVF.

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