What is a pet "disorderly breeding"?The dog cubs produced by a bear and a stray dog are terrible

If you ask me what he is most disgusted, it must be the "disorderly breeding" of pets.

What is the "disorderly breeding" of pets?It means that between the two pet dogs, do not look at the variety, do not look at the size of the body, and even freely reproduce without the consent of the owner, which is the "free love" we call.

Some people may say, don’t humans advocate free love?Why do you get a dog?This is because the dogs are free to fall in love, and they will have a series of dogs, and these skewers are not good -looking, and then no one is willing to raise.

Bideline and stray dogs are free in love

A domestic shovel officer raised a pure white Bichon mother dog. Because the dog is usually obedient and sensible, he will also be considerate of the owner.There is no difference from children at home.

The shoveling officer usually repairs the dogs on time, and will also give the dog beauty, and dress the dog beautifully.

At the end of last year, this than a bear dog was an adult, but with adulthood, there was estrus.

In the early days of her estrus, the response was not very strong, so the shoveling officer didn’t care too much, but as the estrus time increased, when the shoveling officer walked the dog, the bears and a rural dog in the community ran away.The speed is called a fast, and there is no trace in the blink of an eye, and the owner cannot catch up at all.When the owner found a bear again, it was half an hour later.

From that day, the shovel officer finally realized the seriousness of the dog’s estrus, compared with Xiong Yanjia.

But over time, the shoveling officer suddenly found that the belly of the bears was getting bigger and bigger. When he went to the hospital for examination, the pet doctor stunned the shoveling officer: Big Bear was pregnant.

The aggressive shovel officer thought about it all the way, how to get pregnant, and then he remembered that the bichon bear and the stray dog ran that time. Thinking of this, the shoveling officer was dead.

Big Bear gave birth to

As the expected date of the bear is coming, the shoveling officer is ready to take birth, and it is smooth. Born in a bear, although the newborn puppy is not like a bear dog, it is not ugly. The color is black and white.

Seeing the cute puppy, the soul of the injured shovel officer finally got a trace of comfort.

The longer the puppy, the more scribbled

The shoveling officer originally intends to find them for adoption when the puppy grows up, because according to the normal pet dog, the longer the puppy will be more and more cute.A few puppies raw are just the opposite, the longer the more scribbled.

And they were quite fast. In the blink of an eye, the two puppies grew larger than their mother’s body, but this looks really unbearable.

The most amazing thing is that the hair color of these two puppies. They are not black and white colors, but to yellow and black, which causes the two dogs to look dirty at all times.Dirty.

At present, the two dogs still have not found the owner. The shoveling officer can only send the two dogs back to his hometown to raise it. What makes the shoveling officer angry is that he still does not know who the puppy father is.

Just after taking a shower

This is the result of the dog’s free love. The puppy born is scribbled and no one is willing to raise it.

Therefore, the shit officer who raises dogs must not be sensible in the breeding of dogs. You must act rationally. If you want a dog to have a puppy, you must find a dog of the same variety.Free love.

Once you do it emotionally, your mistakes need to take it to be born, which is a bit cruel.

Please also ask the shit officers to take care of their dogs when the dogs are in estrus. In the eyes of the dog, there is no concept of disorderly breeding.

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