What is biochemical pregnancy?Do you need to confine?

Biochemical pregnancy is no stranger to most people. It is a very early pregnancy loss. It is generally manifested as a sudden delay in the regular menstrual cycle. Early pregnancy reactions may occur in some people.Stepping, you cannot see the fetal sac and fetal heart from the ultrasound. If you do not check it, you will never be found.As high as 25%in all types of pregnancy.

1. Definition of biochemical pregnancy

The reason why it is called biochemical pregnancy is because the embryo beds in this pregnancy can only be detected by biochemical indicators in blood or urine, that is, β-HCG. Once the embryo starts to bed, nourish the layer invading the molt, and the embryo produces producesThe HCG is released into blood. When there is enough, it can be detected in the blood. Because the embryo cannot develop normally during the biochemical pregnancy, the pregnancy cannot continue, the HCG gradually decreases, and the ultrasonic waves cannot detect the presence of the fetus.

2. What is the low HCG value?

At present, there are different opinions. Schreiber et al. Believe that the HCG peak is less than 100miu/ml and drops rapidly. Other scholars define the maximum HCG value of 40 ~ 150IU/L, 10 ~ 39IU/L or 5 ~ 9IU/L.Generally speaking, HCG> 5IU/L can be diagnosed.

3. Why do biochemical pregnancy occur?

The specific reason is not clear, the main reasons are the following:

The most common is chromosomal abnormalities, including embryos or chromosomal abnormalities of both sides of the couple, causing the embryo to be in bed and development normally. If the couple have abnormal chromosomes, they need to be genetically counseling to see if they can get their own healthy babies.Chromosomal abnormalities may occur in decreasing divisions and somewhat divisions. Female age and bad living habits such as smoking and alcoholism will increase the risk of embryonic chromosomal abnormalities.The deformity of the endometrium and the uterine cavity may also cause the endometrium to insufficiently cause the embryo to continue bed and develop.Pregnancy is a matter of two people. The poor sperm quality and the integrity of their genetic materials can affect the quality of the embryo and the ability to develop.

In addition, studies have found that some mental and psychological factors such as: tired work and mental tension can also lead to the occurrence and increase of biochemical pregnancy.

4. Treatment: If there is a clear cause

For example, the quality of the embryo or endometrial factors can be treated accordingly, but most of the biochemical pregnancy comes from accidents. It is the result of natural elimination. There is no special treatment. We need to monitor the HCG value dropped to normal different levels of pregnancy.

Biochemical pregnancy is undoubtedly disappointed for couples who are eager to get pregnant.Some people usually ask: Why a biochemical pregnancy occurs?Is we doing something harmful to embryos?Does this mean that we can’t conceive the baby?Is this explaining that the uterus is excluding embryos?

Of course, these ideas are wrong.HCG positive indicates that the embryo has begun to bed, and it has clearly stated that this group of people will have better ending in the future than HCG -negative patients in the same cycle.

5. Do you need to confine for biochemical pregnancy?

Biochemical pregnancy does not need to be confinement.Biochemical pregnancy means that fertilized eggs do not have bed, and usually occur within 5 weeks of pregnancy, which is an early abortion.The pregnancy test stick can be measured, but the B -ultrasound cannot see the gestational sac.When you hear "abortion", you can’t help but have fear. Although it is abortion, the situation of biochemical pregnancy is very common, because it is basically the same as the symptoms of menstruation, and it is not as terrible as imagined.

Reminder: Occasionally a biochemical pregnancy occurs on the body. Theoretically, it does not affect the next pregnancy, and you can prepare for pregnancy after recovery.But in most cases, it is recommended to consider the next pregnancy after three months of biochemical pregnancy.Biochemical pregnancy does not need to be confinement, just as we usually delay in menstruation, there is basically no damage to our body, and take a good mind to actively prepare for the next pregnancy.If you have two or multiple biochemical pregnancy, you need to go to the hospital as soon as possible to find out the cause, and it is recommended that the husband and wife check together.For specific analysis, please consult us if you have any questions.

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