What is chocolate cyst?Can chocolate cysts be a test tube baby?

For many female friends, they need to do the corresponding gynecological examinations regularly, and the corresponding diseases can be eliminated in time through gynecological examinations. The most commonly appeared in the inspection process is chocolate cysts.It is really very large, and severe can also lead to the occurrence of infertility symptoms.So, what is chocolate cyst?Can chocolate cysts be a test tube baby?

1. What is chocolate cyst?

In fact, chocolate cysts are not tumors, but just a kind of lump formed in the body. It belongs to the endometriosis. Normally, the endometrium is growing inside women’s uterus, and its growth will also grow.Affected by female hormones, the endometrium will fall off once every time, so menstruation can be formed, and with the advent of menstruation, the endometrial fragments will also enter the pelvic cavity or other parts.Chocolate cysts will be formed.

Second, the clinical manifestations of chocolate cysts

1. Dysmenorrhea

If there is a chocolate cyst, the most common situation is dysmenorrhea, and its performance is usually sustainable, and it will gradually increase over time, but some patients do not have obvious dysmenorrhea.This situation is because the endometrium is affected by ovarian hormones, thereby enhancing the pressure of the endometrium. When the menstrual blood is gathered in the accumulated sac, it will increase its pressure and cause pain.

2. sexual intercourse

For patients with chocolate cysts, pain occurs in the same room. This is mainly caused by the impact of the uterus, and it is very obvious before the menstruation comes.It is a pain.

3. Infertility

If you have chocolate cysts, it will lead to the occurrence of infertility symptoms. According to relevant statistics, about 50%~ 70%of patients with chocolate cysts will be accompanied by infertility symptoms, and pelvic organ adhesions and pelvic organs will appear as well as adhesion and connectionVarious factors such as fallopian tube blocking.

4. Endocrine disorders

For patients with chocolate cysts, endocrine disorders are prone to occur. Because chocolate cysts usually occur in a strong period of endocrine, if it occurs during this period, endocrine disorders in women will cause disorders.

Third, can chocolate cysts be a test tube baby?

As we all know, chocolate cysts will affect fertility function. If the cyst grows too fast, it will also cause ovarian function to be affected and lose the right to be mothers.Woolen cloth?The answer is definitely possible. Because IVF is mainly to take out the follicles from the women’s ovaries, and then let it combine with male sperm to form embryos.

In fact, chocolate cysts are not a very scary disease. For patients with chocolate cysts, they do not need to worry too much. Due to the continuous development of society, medicine is also constantly improving.If you can’t get pregnant, but if you want a child, you can give birth by test tube baby. This is also a very good solution.

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