What is going on in the early pregnancy bleeding?is it harmful to baby?

Pregnant mothers sometimes find that they have menstrual bleeding in the early pregnancy, and always worry that the baby’s life in the stomach is dangerous.In fact, this is a normal physiological phenomenon. Generally, there will be a small amount of bleeding for 2 to 3 days. The amount of bleeding is similar to the menstruation of the last month in the last month of the pregnant mothers.

Women will stop menstruation after pregnancy. Except for the initial menstrual bleeding and "seeing red" before childbirth, there will generally not be bleeding.In addition, neck polyps and other diseases or vaginal injuries that are not directly related to pregnancy can cause bleeding.No matter what happens, if bleeding is not serious, it will not have any impact.If the pregnant mothers suspect that they have an abnormal body, please go to the hospital immediately.Pay more attention to bleeding from older pregnant women, because the abortion rate of this group is relatively high.

Excessive fatigue: Pregnant women in the early pregnancy, great physical and psychological pressure, and can easily cause vaginal bleeding.

Physiological bleeding: After the successful conception, some women still have a small amount of bleeding during menstruation. This is just that the physiological reaction does not need to be treated.

Abortion: Before the placenta is fully developed, the embryonic bed is not stable, and at this stage, pregnant women are susceptible to miscarriage.When abortion occurs, the embryo and the uterine wall of the pregnant woman will be separated to varying degrees. When the blood vessels are broken, the uterine contraction will cause the symptoms of vaginal bleeding in pregnant women.

Ectopic pregnancy: When the fallopian tube wall is thin, when the fertilized eggs develop to a certain degree, the fallopian tube wall rupture causes abnormal vaginal bleeding.This situation can easily lead to shock or severe abdominal pain in pregnant women.

Demonia abortion: manifested as intermittent, small bleeding amount, and sometimes repeated bleeding repeatedly.

Uterine disease: If women suffer from uterine diseases, due to hormones after pregnancy, the surface capillaries can cause vaginal bleeding.

Early early bleeding is the main manifestation of the vaginal bleeding similar to the early menstrual or last period.The color of blood may be pink, red or brown.There are two main types of bleeding symptoms in the early pregnancy:


If the blood is brown, pregnant mothers need not worry too much, which means that the bleeding stops to oxidize this color. It only needs to rest and avoid exercise. If the pregnant mother finds the blood is bright red, they must be vigilant.

feeling of pain

Many pregnant women suspected of having early abortion have the same backache and lower abdomen pain as the same menstruation.Ectopic pregnancy will make pregnant women feel severe abdominal pain, with pale complexion, acceleration of heartbeat, and internal bleeding.

Pregnant mothers usually pay attention to personal hygiene, diet should be light and healthy, and avoid eating spicy and cold irritating food.In short, it is a word. It is better to go to the hospital to check it if you do n’t worry about it.

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