What is going on with dizziness in pregnant women

Dizziness is a common symptom of pregnancy.Those who are light are light and light, and they are unstable; those who are in front of the eyes are dark and suddenly faint.Pregnant women’s dizziness is a normal pregnancy reaction, but if the frequency of dizziness is high and more and more serious, you need to go to the hospital for examination to avoid adverse effects.What is the dizziness of pregnant women?What should I do if pregnant women are dizzy?

What is going on with dizziness in pregnant women

Dizziness is mainly caused by insufficient blood supply to the brain.

1. Pregnant women such as low blood pressure, such as brain ischemia, generally fainted when they suddenly stand or ride on a ladder.In the early and middle stages of pregnancy, due to the formation of the placenta, blood pressure has decreased to a certain extent. Generally, it is 1.33-2.67 kilometer lower than usual, which is physiological.Pregnant women with original hypertension will decrease more.Blood pressure decreases, and the blood flow flowing to the brain will decrease, resulting in insufficient cerebral blood supply, causing hypoxia in the cerebral ischemia, which causes dizziness.

2. Too low blood sugar is too low in blood sugar. Sometimes pregnant women are dizziness, accompanied by palpitations, fatigue, cold sweat, and usually occur when they eat less.During pregnancy, because of pregnancy reaction -vomiting, I eat less.Eat less and make blood sugar low.Blood glucose is a raw material for muscle cells and brain cells.Low blood sugar, reduced cell energy, which leads to discomfort such as fatigue, dizziness, cold sweat, and palpitations.

3. Instead of positioning, pregnant women such as blood vessels usually occur when they are lying on or lying on the sofa when watching TV, while lying on the side or standing will not occur.The dizziness of this type of pregnant woman belongs to supine syndrome.Due to the increase in uterus in the late pregnancy, when lying on or lying on, the heavy uterus pressed on the lower cavity vein behind it, so that the blood in the lower body cannot return to the heart;The supply of heart and brain blood decreases, causing discomfort such as dizziness and chest tightness.

4. Anemia for pregnant women is also a common cause of dizziness in pregnant women.Pregnant women usually consume iron -rich foods, such as animal blood, pork liver, lean meat, etc.Once anemia occurs, the iron should be replenished emergency, and pregnant women will also have dizziness and headache symptoms from time to time.If the condition is further developed into a pioneer, it can cause convulsions and coma, endangering pregnant women and fetal lives.This is the most serious complication during pregnancy and should be diagnosed early.

What to do if pregnant women are dizzy

Dizziness and dazzling after pregnancy are one of the common symptoms of pregnant women.Those who are light can be dizzy and unstable. Those who are in severe can appear black, unclear or even faint when standing or walking suddenly.

1. Face pregnancy with a calm attitude

First of all, no matter whether it is before pregnancy or in the early pregnancy examination, you must have a calm mentality. Understanding pregnancy and delivery is a natural process. Don’t be nervous.At the same time, you must learn to relax tips, such as buying some pregnant women magazines and books; you can also listen to some music suitable for pregnant women, which has certain benefits for regulating your own plant nerves.

2. Eat more light food, don’t deliberately supplement

In terms of diet, eat more, fresh vegetables and fruits, do not deliberately eat big fish and meat because of pregnancy, just pay attention to balanced nutrition.In addition, in order to prevent dehydration, drinking plenty of water during the day is guaranteed to sleep at least six to seven hours every night.

3. Fast treatment method

Headache can apply hot towels on your head to effectively relieve headaches.Under the guidance of a doctor, you can take some drugs that can quickly relieve pain.If it really hurts and is accompanied by dizziness, it is best to go to the doctor immediately.

Precautions for dizziness in pregnant women

1. Drink less tea as much as possible.People with anemia should drink less tea, it is best not to drink tea, especially after meals.Drinking tea will prevent the body from absorbing the iron in food.Tea contains a large amount of tannic acid and tannins.The tannic acid and tannin are easily combined with the iron in food in the intestine.

2. Eat more vegetables, fruits.Patients with anemia should eat some green vegetables and various melon and fruits, such as eggplant, tomato, potato, strawberry, orange, persimmon, summer mandarin, apples, apples, apples, apples, and apples,, Grape, Peach, Pear, and so on.Another most inconspicuous crop -sweet potato, although the price is low, it contains vitamin C far more than other melons such as apples and grapes.

3. Usually you can eat more black beans, carrots, gluten, spinach, longan meat, dried radish, etc. These are blood supplement.It should be noted that people with anemia should not drink tea. Tea will hinder the absorption of iron.Milk and some neutralized drugs can also hinder the absorption of iron, so try not to eat with iron -containing foods.

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