What is going on with hemorrhoids in pregnant women and how to regulate?

Hemorrhoids are a very common disease in daily life. It is located in the anus of the human body, and pregnant women are high -incidence people with hemorrhoids.Then when a pregnant woman has hemorrhoids, how to quickly and effectively eliminate it without being affected by the fetus.Pregnant women’s hemorrhoids are mainly caused by constipation. During pregnancy, due to changes in diet and reduction in exercise, pregnant women can easily defecate and constipation, which causes the lower rectal and anal hemorrhoids to accumulate blood stasis and induce hemorrhoids.During pregnancy, due to the particularity of the body, the medicine cannot be used casually, so what should I do if pregnant women have hemorrhoids?

Reasons for pregnant women with hemorrhoids

Pregnant women are high incidence of hemorrhoids, with an incidence of 76%. Constipation is the number one enemy! Hemorrhoids are vein groups formed by the hemorrhoids of the lower rectal mucosa and the deep hemorrhoids of the hemorrhoids of the hemorrhoids, bending, and bulging.It is related to oppression, poor return, and external stimuli.

During the pregnancy, due to changes in diet and reduction, pregnant women are easy to defecate or constipation, so that the hemorrhoids of the lower rectum and the hemorrhoids of the hemorrhoids in the anus can induce hemorrhoids.Arterial blood flow increases, but with the development of the fetus, the uterus increasingly increases the pelvic cavity. The abdominal pressure continues to increase and the elevation of progesterone.Here.

In fact, due to the differences in diet and living habits, women are more likely to have constipation than men.Many women have hemorrhoids before pregnancy, and they often worsen during pregnancy.It is for the above reasons that patients with hemorrhoids in pregnant women have formed a large number of people.

What to do if pregnant women have hemorrhoids

After pregnant women suffer from hemorrhoids, do not abuse irritating drugs by themselves, such as musk, borneol, mother -in -law, and hemostatic agent for treatment.When the symptoms of constipation are more severe, you can use Men Run intestine pills or ground Yuhuaijiao pills; bleeding can be appropriately selected with hemostatic drugs, such as hemostasis and vitamin K, C, etc., Drugs such as Jiuhua Ointment, Sihuang Ointment, Hemorrhoid Cream; and try to avoid long stations, rest proper rest, insist on warm water, and massage perianal tissue for 3-4 minutes to speed up blood circulation.Practice anal contraction and consciously carry out anal lifting motion 3-5 times a day.

If pregnant women suffer from hemorrhoids, they should be treated in time, and they should not delay more pain and serious consequences.The simplicity and effectiveness of treating hemorrhoids is to adopt food therapy.The first is to eat more high -fiber foods, such as various rhizome vegetables, fruits and brown rice.The cellulose in these foods can be used as a feces expansion in the large intestine.Accelerate the operation of the feces in the intestine, making it easy.Quickly, avoid constipation, and reduce the compression of the abdomen at the abdomen at the end of the rectum.

At the same time, you should also avoid irritating foods such as pepper, garlic, green onion, ginger, wine, and pepper.Because these foods can stimulate the blood vessels in the rectum and anus, the blood vessels are congested and expanded again, which exacerbate or induce hemorrhoids.Then eat more foods containing vitamin E, such as cereals, vegetable oil, egg yolk, animal liver, shellfish and other aquatic products, as well as vegetables and fruits.It is reported that vitamin E can promote the blood flow of the human peripheral blood vessels.Some people add a large amount of vitamin E to the hemorrhoids to the diet and achieved satisfactory results.Developing good eating habits, such as overeating, is also good for the treatment of hemorrhoids, because excessive diet can easily cause gastrointestinal dysfunction, affect the blood flow of the rectal and anus veins, which is not conducive to the improvement of hemorrhoids.

In addition, women should also avoid sitting for a long time in pregnancy, especially in the late pregnancy period, and do some outdoor activities. They do the anal lifting exercises twice in the morning and evening.help.You should also pay attention to the hygiene of the anus. Do not wipe the anus with unclean and hard paper. Then use warm water to wash the anus to develop a good habit of defecation, which will benefit the pregnant woman.

When pregnant women are pregnant, try not to use drugs for treatment. If the condition is not very serious, you can choose a method of physical therapy to alleviate the inconvenience and pain caused by hemorrhoids.After the fetus is produced, the system is treated with hemorrhoids.And pregnant women are also not suitable for hemorrhoid resection during pregnancy. They can usually avoid sitting for a long time and lying as much as possible.

In short, after women suffer from hemorrhoids in the later pregnancy, they generally do not advocate surgical treatment immediately. The above conservative therapy can be used, and further treatment is done after giving birth.This is because the abdominal pressure is reduced after childbirth, the degradation of venous return disorders, and the decrease in the progesterone content in the body.The hemorrhoids will have a certain ability to relieve and disappear, and generally shrink or shrink within 4 months.If the symptoms disappear at this time, the suffering of surgery can be exempted.If there are still hemorrhoids, surgical treatment is performed, because at this time, the hemorrhoidal nucleus has become significantly smaller than during pregnancy.The pain of surgery will be relatively reduced and the treatment will be significantly shortened, so we advocate that we should try to avoid surgical treatment during pregnancy.

How to prevent hemorrhoids in pregnant women

Drink water in the morning

Drinking a cup of 200 ml of fresh white water on an empty stomach in the morning in the morning can warm the gastrointestinal and intestines, promote appetite, and help regular defecation and prevent hemorrhoids from constipation.It is best to drink 30 minutes before breakfast.Pregnant women should have principles.Under normal circumstances, pregnant women still drink ordinary warm water or vegetable juice and fruit juice.

Develop the habit of timing defecation

Many people are easily constipated when defecation. As long as you develop the habit of defecating every day, you can relieve constipation. It is recommended that every morning, whether there is a convenient or not, you must go to the bathroom to squat to let the body form a conditional reflection and establish a bowel movement to defecate defecation.Signals, such habits will improve constipation.

Keep the stool unobstructed

Pregnant women should actively carry out some physical activity to promote gastrointestinal motility and blood circulation to prevent constipation.Eat some vegetables with more cellulose in the diet, such as leek, celery, cabbage and spinach to promote intestinal peristalsis; fruits are the best in bananas; some intestinal foods such as honey, etc. help promote defecation, usually usually to promote defecation. UsuallyAvoid sitting for a long time.

Consciously carry out anal lifting exercises

Persist in doing anal movement once or twice every day: close the thighs, shrink the anus when inhaling, relax the anus when exhaling, so repeat, do five or six times each time to enhance the muscle strength at the bottom of the pelvis, which is conducive to defecation and prevent hemorrhoids.occur.

Keep the anus clean and reduce stimuli

Try to eat less irritating foods such as peppers and mustard as much as possible to reduce bad stimulation of rectal and anus.After you have to do anal washing to avoid residual dung stimulation to stimulate the skin around the anus.

Eat more dietary fiber

Multi -fiber diet can make the stool softer and reduce the pain of hemorrhoids.The US Health Guide recommends that men and women should eat 38 grams of cellulose and 25 grams of cellulose every day.Multi -fiber foods include: fruits and vegetables, beans, all -valley oatmeal, etc.


There are two parts of the massage, one is anal and one is the abdomen.After the stool, press the anus with toilet paper, and massage 15 times each in Anshun and the counterclockwise direction.If you can use a hot towel instead of toilet paper massage, it can improve the local blood circulation and help reduce hemorrhoids.Take the lying position during abdominal massage, and massage 15 times in the lower abdomen according to clockwise and counterclockwise.

After the stool, you must have the habit of sitting bath

Bathing is a way to clean the anus, promote the healing and anti -inflammatory, and effectively.Every time you have to take a bath, you must sit in the bath when you take a bath. When the water is warm, put the perineal of the anus in the basin and take a bath for about 20 minutes each time.

Guarantee enough exercise

Exercise is an important part of preventing and treating constipation.Seding people should get up for a few minutes per hour.Try to avoid activities that worsen hemorrhoid symptoms such as toilet and lifts for a long time.Walking method is especially helpful for pregnant women. Many pregnant women affect the intestinal peristalsis due to the growth of the fetus. Pregnant women should walk for 20-30 minutes a day to avoid getting breathing too fast and cause gasp.

Special care should be accepted during pregnancy

Hemorrhoids are prone to occur during pregnancy and postpartum. In order to ensure the health of mother and child, once pregnant women find problems such as itching or pain in the rectum, they should tell the doctor as soon as possible.One of the key measures for self -treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy is to keep the left side posture when lying down, reduce blood vessel pressure, and avoid venous swelling and hemorrhoids.

Eat some vegetables with more cellulose in diet before pregnancy, such as leek, celery, cabbage and spinach, etc. to promote intestinal peristalsis; fruits are the best banana, and some intestinal foods such as honey can help promote defecation;Avoid sitting for a long time.Pregnant women should actively carry out some physical activities, and should also eat less irritating foods such as peppers and mustard.

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