What is going on with leg cramps in pregnant women?Reasons, performance, methods, and precautions here are here

With a baby is a very happy thing, but the expectant mothers must first face the inconvenience during pregnancy, and one of many expectant mothers is the calf cramps.Many expectant mothers have said that they have never tried leg cramps before pregnancy.What is going on with the leg cramps of pregnant women?How to relieve it?

1. The performance of leg cramps

The muscles of the calf or thigh suddenly spasm and pain.Many pregnant mothers may occur during pregnancy, and cramps often occur after the middle of pregnancy, and the more severe the late pregnancy.

Although most of the leg cramps will not last for a long time, the twisted pain is difficult to describe in words, and it often occurs at night, which will also wake up pregnant mothers, which seriously affects sleep quality.Some pregnant mothers do not understand the reason at first, which will cause various concerns.

Second, the cause of leg cramps

Most of the gaps in pregnant mothers occur after the middle of pregnancy, and the more severe the late pregnancy.The main cause of cramps during pregnancy is calcium deficiency in the blood of pregnant mothers.After pregnancy, after pregnancy, the body’s needs for nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D are more than doubled than usual. If the maternal body is not supplied in time, the mother will lack calcium.When calcium deficiency in the body, muscle excitement is enhanced, and muscle spasm is prone to occur.Calcium is the main component of bones. If the supply is insufficient, the calcium in the bones will decrease, which will cause whole body soreness.

In addition, because the legs should support the weight of the body, the burden on the leg muscles is greater than other parts, so the phenomenon of cramps in leg muscles is more common.Although it will happen during the day, pregnant mothers may notice that most of the calf cramps occur at night. This is because the calf belly is easy to cool and pressure when sleeping at night, which can easily cause cramps.Pregnant mothers may be plagued by calf cramps from the middle of pregnancy. With the progress of pregnancy and the increase in the abdomen of the pregnant mother, this condition may become more and more serious.Especially when the amount of calcium required by the fetus in the late pregnancy period is getting larger and larger, the calf cramps will be more obvious.

Of course, calcium deficiency is only the main cause of leg cramps, and other reasons can cause cramps during pregnancy.

1. The enlarged uterus is compressed to the blood vessels that transport the blood from the legs to the heart and the nerves that pass from the torso to the legs, causing the lower limb veins to cause poor local blood circulation in the calf.

2. Walking too much during the day or standing for too long can cause the calf muscles to be too fatigue.

3. Suddenly changing environmental temperature.

4. Pregnant mothers gradually increase their weight during pregnancy, the burden of legs increases, and the muscles in the legs are often fatigue due to additional weight.

3. Treatment of leg cramps

1. If the pregnant mother’s calf is cramp, immediately kick the calf and slowly hook the toes towards the direction of the tibia (the long bone on the inside of the calf).Although it may be painful at the beginning, this can reduce the spasm and the pain will gradually disappear.

2. If the pregnant mother is sitting, he will kick the foot on the wall, pits straight, or ask relatives and friends around him to straighten his legs.

3. Pregnant mothers can also try to massage muscles, or use hot water with hot water to relax the spasm muscles.

4. Walking back and forth for a few minutes, it may also help to alleviate calf cramps.

5. For obvious cramps, pregnant mothers can hold the back of the chair as support. Standing straight to stretch the muscles of the legs, the hips are slightly forward and bent forward, the knees are straight, and they breathe uniformly.You can also lean against the wall, stand on the floor, straighten your arms, lean forward slightly, and your palms against the wall.

4. Precautions for leg cramps during pregnancy

(1) Avoid excessive fatigue: long -distance travel, strenuous exercise and other legs to exercise excessive exercise, which will cause leg muscles to fatigue.When using excess legs, it is best to use hot water shower and massage the muscles of the lower limbs to reduce the accumulation of lactic acid, thereby avoiding leg cramps.

(2) Avoiding cold: The calf muscles are easily cold.Due to cold stimulation, the leg muscles have spasm.

(3) Avoid maintaining a certain posture for a long time: to maintain a certain posture for a long time, the legs of the legs are high, causing blood stasis.When the blood flow stagnates to a certain extent, the leg muscles are paralyzed.

(4) Avoid excessive sleep: Sleeping too long will cause blood circulation to slow down, accumulate metabolic waste such as carbon dioxide, and may induce muscle spasm.

(5) Avoid wearing high -heeled shoes: The height height of the heel wearing a pregnant woman and the distance between the heel should not be too large. There should be soft shoes suitable for feet and feet.

The above is the reason, symptoms, prevention, and how to cope with the cause of leg cramps during pregnancy. Of course, if you really have frequent cramps, you have to go to the hospital for treatment.

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