What is good to eat when "Yang"?Diet recommendation fast collection

After the new crown is infected, what is good to eat?Is the yellow peach cans, electrolyte, and lemon tubes that have been released recently?

At this moment, everyone wants to make the body stronger, but many friends are porridge and water because they can swallow because of sore throat.It is said that improving immunity should take more protein, but in this kind of physical discomfort, what can you eat to accelerate recovery?One article understands- ——

Question 1: Do you only drink porridge?

Answer: No, it is best to use carbohydrate as the bottom and then supplement protein

Fever and cough are actually very energy -consuming. It is reasonable to increase calorie intake on the basis of daily diet.The nutritional components of porridge (no matter what porridge) are mostly carbohydrates, and you cannot supplement the protein you are consumed by the disease and various antibodies involved in protein.

Recommended food: milk, soy milk, eggs with carbon water

Both these three foods are rich in high -quality protein, especially eggs and milk. The protein biological value of these two foods ranked runner -up in common food protein, and the biological utilization rate in the human body is the highest.In other words, it is the most effective to use them to supplement protein.The protein content and digestion and absorption of soy milk are slightly lower than milk, but it is also an effective replacement for people who do not like to drink milk.

During the course of the disease, you must use carbohydrates, instead of eating high protein foods, otherwise it will greatly waste protein.Because they will first play the role of energy.During the positive period, the sources of carbohydrates that are more suitable for everyone are mainly staple foods, sugar, and fruits.

Diet reminder:

1. Friends without lactose intolerance (that is, there will be problems such as abdominal distension, abdominal pain, exhaust, diarrhea, etc.). 500 ml or even 1000 ml a day is fine, but it is best to match some staple foods, such as bread, hair cake, hair cake, Buns, oats, porridge, or add milk to rice paste and sesame paste, you can also use milk for bread, hair cakes, and steamed buns. It is definitely more effective than drinking porridge.

2. Friends with lactose are not tolerated, so use milk for bread, hair cakes, steamed buns, oats, or add milk to porridge. In addition, yogurt is also a good choice.In addition, friends who want to use soymilk instead of milk, the way to eat soy milk is no different from milk, but pay attention to the temperature, otherwise it will aggravate your throat discomfort.

3. If you want to eat a bit of the tricks, it is recommended to be egg noodles, egg flower soup, small ravioli, egg flower noodle soup, soft little cake, etc., which are a good choice.

4. Eggs are best in the form of egg custard, egg flower porridge, and soup, which is convenient for swallowing.There is no scientific basis for the folk illness that can not eat eggs, unless you are allergic to eggs.Eggs have always been preferably protein sources for patients in nutrition.

5. Some friends will ask if they can also achieve supplementary purposes if they drink protein powder, but it should be noted that the premise of edible protein powder products should be ensured as much as possible to ensure sufficient dietary calories and do not just drink protein powder.

Protein powder is more suitable for those who can’t eat meat egg milk bean products, but friends who eat steamed bun thick porridge and rotten rice are also suitable for elderly people with incomplete teeth and poor meat intake.

Question 2: Can I eat canned yellow peach?

Answer: When the throat is uncomfortable, it can be quickly relieved, but don’t be greedy

When fever, ingestion cannot keep up with consumption. Foods with sugar can quickly replenish energy to help raise blood sugar; they are not hot foods. The cold sugar water can help the red swelling pharyngeal "cool" effect, and canned flesh soft and smooth., Will not create discomfort in the process of swallowing, and the comfort of eating is very high; and for some friends, the canned sugar is "the taste of a child" and the psychological placebo during the sick period.Feeling signals; when the daily constant solid food intake is insufficient, adding sugar is also one of the most economical, fast and effective sources of carbohydrates.

Recommended food: Canned fruit of various fruits

Not only canned yellow peaches, any sweet fruit cans (except hawthorn, because it may make your stomach uncomfortable), such as canned sugar water pear, canned tomato, canned bayberry …Ice cream yogurt and so on.Any who has sugar can be added, of course, there is a prerequisite -as long as you have no blood sugar problem and no diabetes.

Diet reminder:

1. For friends with diabetes, or friends with diarrhea symptoms, canned sugar, sugar drinks, honey water, ice cream, etc. are not very friendly.Essence

2. It should be explained that it is canned yellow peaches and honey. Except for the effects mentioned earlier, there is no treatment effect on the new crown virus. Do not "mysterious" their effects.

3. These high -sugar foods are limited to eaten during throat swelling and pain, swallowing difficulties, and can not be eaten without restrictions. It is okay to use it during illness.You should gradually return to normal low sugar diet.

Question 3: Can you drink fruit juice or fruit and vegetable juice?

Answer: Must be able to

Some people may ask: Will juice squeeze vitamin C?That’s right, vitamins do lose more, but not all lost.And they can replenish a variety of vitamins, minerals, plant chemicals, and dietary fiber, which is much stronger than eating.They are not worse than oral replenishment salt.

Recommended food: outsourcing or homemade fruit and vegetable juice

If you can’t swallow or shredded vegetables or fruits at all, any fruit and vegetable juice for any outsider or family to help make is very good.

Diet reminder:

It should be noted that friends with diarrhea symptoms should be used with caution, or it is enough, don’t just drink it, don’t drink it as water.

Question 4: Can you supplement vitamin C?

Answer: Quickly restore immunity cannot rely on vitamins

First of all, there is no evidence to prove that a large number of vitamin C supplement can fight new coronal virus infections.Secondly, the human body’s immunity is really not supported by the small nutrients of vitamin C.

Recommended food: composite vitamin supplement, full nutrition formula powder

1. If you want your body to quickly "support" when eating is not good or consumed.Compared with vitamins in food, eating composite vitamin mineral supplements is the most reliable choice.

2. In addition to composite vitamin mineral supplements, weak people or friends who do not eat the lower half of the liquid and solid at all, can also consider the full nutrient formula powder.They look like milk powder, but they are much more nutritious than ordinary milk powder. It has been matched according to the daily nutritional needs of healthy adults.Worried that nutritional intake would not consume.

Diet reminder:

1. Excessive supplementation of vitamin C may cause symptoms of diarrhea. If you have to use it, you must read the medication instructions carefully.

2. Any online shopping platform input the keyword "full nutritional powder" or "full nutrition formula", as long as it is a regular brand (the product has a "blue hat" health food logo).Such products are particularly suitable for weak and sick elderly people and thin patients with basic diseases.If the whole infection course is relatively long and the diet intake is very poor, it is a very effective choice to replace daily food with full -nutrition formula, and it is also a common nutritional support measure for hospitals.The outer packaging of such products is often identified as "Special Medical Purpose Full Nutrition Food Food" or "Special Medical Purpose Full Nutrition Formula".It should be noted that according to the tone explanation, do not change the concentration without authorization.

Question 5: Do you need oral salt salt?

Answer: If diarrhea and vomiting symptoms are severe

If the diarrhea symptoms are severe, it is even accompanied by vomiting, oral salt salts can be available to help supplement the electrolytes of liquid and potassium sodium.Avoid dehydration and electrolyte disorders.

Diet reminder:

1. During the diarrhea period, you should still ensure that you should eat and drink. Friends with severe diarrhea need to avoid too much milk, soy milk and high -sugar foods containing lactose.

Essence (yes, not rough grains), Shuhua milk, low -sugar yogurt, eggs, lean meat, tofu (southern tofu northern tofu), melon eggplant vegetables (peeling), leafy vegetables that are not too hard, tasteless(Such as cabbage leaves, spinach leaves, etc.), rhizomes (such as carrots, yam, etc.) that are not easy to flatter, your belly can be competent.Of course, the premise is: you can swallow …

2. Friends who are not affected during the infection, and positive friends who have recovered appetite, you do not need to "make up", unless you want to experience "yang 10 pounds at a time", you only need a normal diet and nutritional balance.Essence

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Source: Yanzhao Metropolis Daily

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