What is the better?

Domestic TV series always interfere with the thinking and behavior of the Chinese people in the subtle way. In modern films, there are always a bridge section that the heroine accidentally falls.Quietly under the fertile concubine bowl, God did not know that he had a miscarriage …

Such a plot gives a sense to some extent: abortion is a very simple matter.

As a result, sometimes there are some things that women who accidentally get pregnant in life desperately running, jumping, and even beating their stomachs to make themselves have a miscarriage. There are also some women who want to take medicine to "do not eat ghosts without eating ghosts."In the case, "big trouble" is solved. So, is there such a medicine?Is it reliable?

In fact, this method of miscarriage by taking medicine exists. Medically, it is called "drug abortion", referred to as the drug flow.

What medicine does 药 drug flow use?

The most commonly used drugs for drug abortion are Mepatone tablets plus macaro anterior alcohol tablets. These two drugs are prescription drugs. The state regulations can only prescribe the drug flow drugs by professional doctors with family planning qualifications.

Can people who are pregnant?

Can every woman who does not want to have birth can be miscarriage through drugs?of course not.So, what are the taboos and indications for drug abortion?

流 Who is suitable for the drug flow:

1. Within the menopause within 49, I voluntarily terminate a healthy woman who is under 40 years old;

2. Those who are diagnosed with blood or urinary pregnancy tests are positive, and they are determined as in -uterine pregnancy after B -ultrasound;

3. High -risk factors of artificial abortion, such as scar uterus, lactation, poor cervical development or severe pelvic deformity;

4. History of artificial abortion multiple times, who are afraid of manual abortion surgery or psychological psychology;

5. There is no history of chronic diseases such as liver and kidney or allergic asthma;

6. Women who have not received glucocorticoid therapy in the past three months.

药 Who is not suitable for the drug flow:

1. There are taboos using rice non -ketone drugs, such as adrenal disease or other endocrine diseases (such as diabetes, thyroid diseases, etc.), history of skin itching during pregnancy, abnormal liver or renal function, benign or malignant tumors, blood of various organs, bloodDiseases or thrombosis, hypertension, etc.

2. Those who use prostaglandin drugs, such as cardiovascular disease, glaucoma, asthma, epilepsy, colitis, gastrointestinal disorders and allergies.

3. Those who bring in the palace internal birth device.

4, ectopic pregnancy or suspicious ectopic pregnancy.

5. Other: allergic constitution, severe vomiting of pregnancy, long -term anti -tuberculosis, antiepile epilepsy, antidepressant, anti -prostaglandin drugs, etc.

副 The side effects that may exist in the drug flow:

1. Side effects of drugs:

In addition to gastrointestinal reactions such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc., some patients may have mild dizziness and discomfort.

2. Abortion failure:

After 8 days of medication, no fetal sac was discharged. After B -ultrasound, it was confirmed that there were still pregnancy in the uterine cavity. This condition was a failure of drug abortion. It was necessary to go to the hospital for clearance surgery.

3. Excessive bleeding:

The long time of bleeding time during the drug abortion, the most important side effects of the bleeding of the drug and the abortion, especially the major bleeding. If the palace is not cleared in time and the blood transfusion may occur, life danger may occur.

4.After the drug flow, residue:

Some patients are excreted in part of the pregnancy, and some of them are in the cervix or stay in the uterine cavity, causing the risk of incomplete bleeding or even infection. In this case, B -ultrasound is required.Qing Palace.

:The precautions of the drug flow:

1. Drug abortion must be carried out under the guidance of family planning qualification hospitals and professional doctors, and needs to be observed at medical institutions with regular rescue conditions.

2. There is a strong application certificate for drug abortion. The drug country with drug abortion is unified management. If you buy medicines privately, you may buy fake medicines, and if you do n’t take medicine or are not suitable for people who are not suitable for drug abortion, it is very dangerous.In severe cases of crisis.

3. If the tissue fabric is excreted at home during the medication, it is necessary to bring the doctor to see if it is a pregnancy sac.

4. If there is severe abdominal pain or more vaginal bleeding than normal menstrual flow during the medication, it will go to the hospital for treatment in time.

5. After the abortion of the drug, you need to go to the hospital to review the B -ultrasound in time according to the doctor’s order to determine that the pregnancy substances are completely discharged to avoid residues.

6. The drug abortion is more than half a month after the success (completely stops bleeding) before the same room. Pay attention to the same room hygiene and formal contraception.

7. Take a shower in January after the drug abortion. Do not take a bath.

8. Rest for 1 to 2 weeks after drug abortion: gradually increase the amount of activity.Do not engage in physical labor within January after the drug abortion.

9. Observation of post -abortion bleeding. If the vaginal bleeding exceeds one week, it is even accompanied by abnormal manifestations such as lower abdominal pain, fever, leucorrhea and odor, and other abnormal manifestations, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time.

哪 Which is better?

After reading these, many people have doubts. Which is better for drug flow and flow?

1. Nominity success rate:

Painless abortion is a relatively mature gynecological surgery. Under the operation of professional doctors in regular hospitals, the abortion success rate is high, and there are few residues or abortion.

Due to the different response of each person to the drug, it is easy to lead to abortion incomplete and cause severe bleeding. If it is not rescued in time, there will be life risk.

2. Compare the best time from surgery:

Artificial abortion is generally suitable for women within 10 weeks of pregnancy. From the perspective of the length of pregnancy, the best time for abortion is extended than the best time for drug flow.

3. Risk:

The most important risks of drug abortion are bleeding, residues, etc. The risk of uterine perforation, artificial abortion syndrome, infection, amniotic fluid (rare), cervical adhesion, etc.

4, cost:

Under normal circumstances, the cost of abortion of drugs is lower than artificial abortion.

If you accidentally get pregnant, whether you choose an artificial abortion or a drug abortion, you must go to a professional medical institution to minimize the pain!Usually correct contraception can avoid accidents from the source!

Author: Wang Ni, a member of the Obstetrics and Gynecologist of Shanghai Oriental Hospital, a member of the Spring Yu Dr.

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