What is the bigger and bigger belly?It’s not that she is fat, but the ovarian tumor woman has arrived at the hospital for resection surgery

Usually there are contraceptives, and the holiday is never too late, but Ms. Wang’s abdomen unknowingly became big, like a full -moon pregnant woman.What she didn’t expect was that she was not fat, but a "bomb" hidden in her belly.Recently, she underwent resection of huge ovarian tumors at the Fifth Hospital of Xiamen (Xiang’an Branch of the First Affiliated to Xiamen University). Fortunately, it was a benign ovarian tumor.

Ms. Wang is 41 years old and does not go to the medical examination without discomfort.In the past six months, she felt that her belly was getting bigger and bigger, and it would hurt from time to time, but as long as one stop can be relieved.She thought these were caused by "blessing".

Recently, Ms. Wang looked at her belly and was a bit incredible. She was a bit like a full -time pregnant woman. She thought of going to the hospital for examination.At the fifth hospital of Xiamen, the doctor found that the big belly was unusual, and the abdominal magnetic resonance was swept away. It turned out to be a huge ovarian tumor with a diameter of 30 cm.

Surgeons quickly invited gynecologists to consult, and they must undergo gynecological surgery.After improving the pre -surgery examination, the gynecological team conducted a medical record discussion, cautiously and meticulously formulated the surgical plan. On October 8th, Ms. Wang removed the "bomb" lurking in the body.

Cui Xiajie, director and chief physician of the Fifth Hospital of the Fifth Hospital of the main knife, said that considering the beauty, only a 25 -cm mouth of Ms. Wang was taken into account.After the operation, Ms. Wang’s belly was obviously smaller.Fortunately, the rapid pathological reminder of Ms. Wang’s tumor during the operation is a benign tumor.

Cui Xiajie reminds women that women should conduct at least one gynecological examination every year. Through the physical examination, color Doppler ultrasound, cervical cancer screening and other means, they can timely screen gynecological diseases. Through medical intervention, they can effectively avoid further progress of the disease and cause bad ending.

She emphasized that the belly is not all fat, it may be pregnant or tumor.

It should be noted that ovarian cysts are not equal to ovarian tumors, and they are mostly physiological cysts. If the cyst grows slowly, be alert to the possibility of ovarian tumors.In addition, after menopause women find ovarian cysts, they must be highly vigilant. After menopause, there is no longer physiological cyst, and ovarian tumors are likely to be.Once the ovarian tumor occurs malignant lesions, it becomes ovarian cancer, and it is tricky.(Reporter Liu Rong correspondent Qiu Lisha)

Source: Xiamen Daily

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