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Each of us will dream, and sometimes there are nightmares.Why do you have a nightmare?What is the deep meaning of dreams?The 80th article "Fang Sheng Decons" of "The Yellow Emperor’s Canon · Su Wen" answered this question.

The "Fang" of "Fang Sheng Decision" means measuring comparison.This article talks about the decline and decline of qi, blood, yin and yang and the standards of diagnosis of diseases from two aspects and five methods.Which two aspects?One is Jue disease, and the other is dreaming.

At the beginning of this article, Lei Gong opened the door and asked:

"Lei Gong, please ask: How much is qi, who is the countermination? Who is the obedience? Huang Di replied: Yang from left, yin from right, old from the top, less from the bottom, the life of the spring and summer, the death of autumn and winter;On the contrary, it is a lifetime of returning to autumn and winter, which is how much Qi reverses. "

Lei Gong, please ask, which one is the reversal of how much he is, and which one is smooth?

Huang Di replied: Yang Qi rose from the left, and the yin fell from the right. This is Shun, if the opposite is reverse.The aggression of the elderly runs from top to bottom, and the young people’s qi runs from bottom to bottom. This is Shun, if the opposite is reversed.Therefore, it can be seen that in the spring and summer, the disease shows that the yang and yang veins can be survived; if the disease shows that the autumn and winter syndrome and yin pulse is reverse, it cannot survive.–Why?Because spring and summer are yang, yang is strong, and the disease is also a positive disease. It can be cured by the same kind; but if it is negative, it is not similar to the same kind.Conversely, in the autumn and winter, the yin is strong. If the disease is manifested as a yin and yin pulse, it is the same type. It can survive, otherwise, it cannot survive.Therefore, regardless of whether the yin and yang qi is less or less, whether it is prosperous or declined, as long as the qi runs not smooth and retrograde, it will form a jet disease -adverse evidence.

This describes the importance of "Shun". Shun is to conform to nature.Qi and blood retrograde caused the evidence of cold limbs.

"Ask: Those who have more than Jue? Answer: When you can’t go up, you can’t go up, Han Jue will go to the knee, the young people died in autumn and winter, the old man is born in autumn and winter.There is no signs, if you live in the wilderness, if the empty room, it is a dissatisfaction day. "

Lei Gong asked again: Can the qi be strong?Huang Di replied: If the yang is retrograde upward and cannot fall, then the yang in the lower part will be empty, and the knee will be cold.If you are young people who see such a disease evidence in autumn and winter, they may die, and the elderly may not die in autumn and winter.–Why?In fact, the answer has been mentioned above, "the old is from the top, less from the bottom", because the weak and weakness of the lower part of the elderly is a normal reaction of physical recession, and the lower part of the teenager should have been strong. If the lower part is cold, the lower part is cold.It’s dangerous.If Yang Qi does not fall down, he heads such as headache will have headaches. This kind of evidence is difficult to diagnose. It is said that it is a yang syndrome, but it is not a Yang syndrome;Evidence; saying it is evidence that the five internal organs are unreasonable, but there is no obvious evidence of body surface changes.The patient’s own feelings are like being in the wilderness, and it seems to live in the empty room, and the disease is endless.

The above is the evidence caused by Qi Rebellion. In fact, the evidence will also cause nightmares: the following is the various nightmares caused by Qi deficiency evidence:

"It is a little bit of qi, it is so dreamy, it is extremely fascinating. Sanyang must be, Sanyinwei, is for young qi."

Therefore, if it is caused by qi deficiency, it will also make people have nightmares, and it will also cause the phenomenon of consciousness.At this time, the pulse of the Sanyang Meridian was suspended, and the pulse of the Sanyin Meridian was subtle, which was the characteristics of the pulse of the qi to form a jet disease.

What nightmare does the five internal organs make people have?

"It is based on lung qi deficiency that makes people dream of white objects. When they see people borrowing blood, they will dream of soldiers at that time. Kidney qi deficiency makes people dream of drowning boats.There is fear. If the liver qi deficiency is dreamed of the raw grass, when you get the dream, you dare not get up under the dream. If the heart qi is deficient, you will dream of the fire sun, and you will be burning at that time.At that time, I dream of building a house. "

If the lung qi is deficient, it will make people dream of white objects, or dream of murderous bleeding, bloody and fleshy scenes, when the lung qi is strong -when?In autumn, you will dream of war.

If kidney qi deficiency will make people dream that the boat boat turns into the water and someone is drowned. When the kidney qi is strong in winter, you will dream that you dive into the water, as if you encounter things that are afraid.

If liver qi deficiency will make people dream of all kinds of fungi, vanilla, and grass. When the liver qi is strong, you will dream that you are hiding under the tree and dare not get up.

If your heart is deficient, you will dream of the scene of fire saving and the fire. Beware of the strong summer, you will dream that the fire is burning.

If you have a bad temper, you will dream that your diet is not enough. When you have a strong temper, you will dream of building a wall.

In general, the above dreams are caused by the five internal organs, the yang is hyperactive, and the yin is insufficient.

Why does the five internal organs have such a dream?This is the application of the Yin and Yang Five Elements of the Yellow Emperor in the Yellow Emperor’s Canon, and it is the specific manifestation of the Chinese medicine image than the class thinking.The dream of dreaming and the elephant of the five internal organs is cleverly combined. On the surface, the two have nothing to do with the two. In fact, the Tibetan elephants and dreams are reflected by the changes in life. The viscera is a reflection of the physiology of the human organs.reflect."The Yellow Emperor’s Canon" combines the two elephants naturally in the five elements.Make human physiological functions and pathological phenomena intuitive, vivid and clear understanding.Why do the ancients connect the five Tibetan and five elements?This is explained in Zhouyi."Zhou Yi" emphasizes the three talents of heaven and earth, and people play the role of connecting heaven and earth in the center. Although heaven and earth and people have their own ways, they also correspond to each other, and they are the whole.The minimum level of the unity of heaven and man is the same structure of heaven and man, the human body structure is the same as the heaven and earth structure, and the human body is the epitome of the heavens and the earth, so all the organs in the human body can correspond to the five elements in nature.Looking at dreaming, dream itself is a appearance, sometimes blurred, and sometimes clear. In fact, it is a reflection of human physiology, psychological, pathological or during the day of the day.You can use the five elements to classify.The ancients found that all kinds of dreams were related to different five internal organs.The dream elephant in this article corresponds to Wuzang.

Use the theory of Yin, Yang and Five Elements, and combine the "Movie Essence of Pulse" to summarize and analyze why the five internal organs have such dreams:

When you are deficient in lung qi, you will dream of white objects. In the autumn, you dream of war.Because the lungs are gold, the golden said from the leather, the five colors are white, the weapons are metal, and the autumn is also gold, so dreaming of war.The lung master is sad, and sadness hurts the lungs, so he dreamed of crying.

When kidney qi is deficient, you will dream of turning the boat. In winter, you dream in the water and trek in the large water. You feel fear;Because the kidneys are water, the kidney belongs to water, it is a fear of aspirations.The boat turned over, very scared, fear, and fear of hurting the kidneys.

When liver qi deficiency, you will dream of all kinds of fungi and grass. In spring, you dream under the tree.Why?Because the liver is wood, people with problems with the liver often dream of trees. According to the cold and heat of the disease, the trees in the dream are different.If you dream of a tree on fire, or dream of a particularly lush forest, it indicates that the liver fire is too strong.Of course, the liver is too prosperous.If you dream that you are walking in the woods, and you have been wandering, you can’t get out, or you can’t get up under the tree. This is the liver qi too deficient and the deficiency of syndrome.It is a grass or a tree. If it is a tree and a few sparse trees, it is not a lush tree, which means that liver qi deficiency is.Why do you often dream of trees in spring?Because spring is the time when the wood is strong, yang is full.

When you are in mind, you will dream of fighting fire, and in the summer, Dream Liehuo burns."I am full of heart, then dream of laughing." I also dreamed of laughing.Why?Because the heart is fire, the fire is on the inflammation, and the heart is not enough, you will dream of a big fire, or the fire saving, or the sun, the things that belong to the sun, such as the sun, lightning and lightning.Summer is the sun and fire, so you will dream of burning fire.The emotion corresponding to the heart is joy, so he dreams of laughing.But the joy is sad, so the heart is too good, and the heart fire is too prosperous and you will dream of laughing.Dreaming of laughter is not necessarily a good thing.

Dreaming of insufficient diet when I was in a bad temper.The spleen is soil, the soil is crotch, and the spleen is the organ of the food, so when I feel bad, I dreamed that my diet was not enough and hungry.If "strong temperament, dreams and body weight are not strong." Because the spleen supervisor limbs, the temper is too strong, the limbs will move, and you will dream of dancing;And transferred nutrition to the whole body, the spleen is in charge of muscle, the temper is too prosperous, and the transportation function is too much, which will cause heavy body, weight gain, muscle weakness, and things that cannot be lifted.

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Of course, not every dream can be so typical and intuitive in clinical practice. It should be combined and diagnosed.

How to diagnose the disease?The final "ten degrees" of the diagnosis of this article -ten kinds of law:

"The diagnosis has ten degrees, and the degree of connection, Tibetanness, meat degree, tendon, and Yu Du." "Degree" reads dù noun, and read duó when writing verbs, which means calculation and measuring.Ten degrees is a method that is used to measure patients during the diagnosis of the disease, namely: pulse, dirt, meat, tendon, and Yu.The pulse degree is to measure the length of the pulse, strength, weakness, floating and heavy, etc. The dirt is to measure the size, length, height, and crispy of the viscera.The small and crispy measuring tendons, Yu Du pointed out to measure the patient’s meridian acupoint.Isn’t this five degrees?Why is it ten degrees?Ten degrees are actually the yin and yang of these five parts, that is, the virtual reality, each of which is two cases in total, a total of ten situations, so it is called ten degrees.This ten degrees cover all the principles of yin and yang, so that you can get a comprehensive and correct understanding of the condition.

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