What is the darkened?You must know these 7 chest problems

At the beginning of the youth, everyone will experience a series of physiological and psychological changes based on sexual maturity.The emergence of second sexual characteristics, especially the development of the chest, has a relatively obvious difference in boys and girls. Boys will have chest hair, and girls’ breasts will begin to develop.

However, most people still have "misunderstandings" about chest problems. Today we will "open" and talk.

Chest hair is a type of body hair, distributed between neck and lower abdomen.

Why do some people only have a few sisters on their chests, and others are like wearing a sweater on their bodies?

In fact, this is mainly related to factors such as hormone levels, racial genes, and genetics.

People with high androgen levels may have more chest hair.

Europeans are generally dense than Asians’ chest hair, because environmental factors affect racial genes.

If the parents’ body hair is strong, it will also be highly influenced by genetic, and the chest hair is dense.

Race and genetic can affect the color of the hair, and the chest hair is generally the same as the color of other body hair (hair, armpit hair).European and American breast hair is generally golden, red, brown, and Asians are generally black.

Sexual desire is a complicated psychology, which is related to physical fitness, age, psychological factors, etc. It is not reliable to take it out with the chest hair alone.In addition, the denseness of the chest hair does not mean the strength of sexual ability, and it has no adverse effects on human health.

In fact, girls also have chest hair. Generally, they are very thin and light hairs. There are also some girls who have a few black chest hair, but if there are more chest hair and the overall is thick, it is best to be vigilant. It is best to go to go.The hospital was checked.

Some people think that chest hair can show male hormones, sexy and attractive, and the smooth brother DEI will also transplant chest hair to increase his masculinity.However, the difference in aesthetics has always existed, and some people who are disgusted with chest hair can be treated through correct means (shaving, laser, etc.).

In fact, the chest hair is not a big deal, but it may be a bit "tie the face" when you are "you and me", but it also adds a lot of interest.

The color of female areola is affected by hormones and genetics, and it has nothing to do with sexual life alone.

● hormone

After girls enter adolescence, as the secretion of estrogen increases, the color of the areola will gradually become darker, not so pink. This is a normal physiological phenomenon and a trace of growth and development.

After entering the menopause, the level of estrogen in women’s body gradually decreases, these pigments will slowly decompose, and the areola will gradually become lighter.

The changes in hormone in the body after pregnancy will also aggravate the vision of the areola.

● Inheritance

The color of the areola is also related to congenital factors, as if someone is born with white, and some people’s skin color is like "tropical islanders".

There are hair follicles around the areola, so the presidential hair is normal and will not affect your health. If you are worried about affecting the aesthetics, you can use laser hair removal. Carefully cut it with scissors, but do not pull it with a mule.(His ~, pain is the same thing, mainly because of fear of infection, causing folliculitis.)

If you find "small bumps" around the areola, it may be a Montessor nodule. The Montessypes will secrete oil and lubricate the nipples and areolas.treat.

Dressed in suitable underwear

Selecting underwear with suitable size, soft fabric, and good support can give the chest better support to avoid causing soreness in the neck and waist and back.

(Male friends who like to run the marathon, listen to Xiaohua’s persuasion: Please protect your nipples!)

Regular chest self -examination

It is recommended that women do regular breast tests on a regular basis when the mammary gland is stable after the menstrual period is over, and the signs of breast diseases as soon as possible.You can move together with four fingers, sliding from top to bottom, from inside to outside, feel whether there is a lump or nodule, and observe whether the nipple is abnormal.

(PS: There are also breast tissues in men’s breasts, and men account for about 1%of patients with breast cancer.

Don’t rub it randomly

Massage can not breast enhancement. Pulze of the chest will not bring pleasure, and only damage and pain are brought about.

Men are less to watch action movies and more science on science. Women also need to protect their breasts and communicate with their partners.

Share two reliable ways to make the last classmate make the chest bigger:

The first is to eat fat (I tried all the trials and scolded me.)

The second is to exercise the pectoral muscles (really reliable.)

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