What is the difference between a woman without vagina?What is the "stone girl"?After watching silence

The word "Stone Girl" reminds me of a plot in the TV series. A child was laughed at the children of the same village, saying that he was picked up, his mother was a stone girl, and it was impossible to have children at all.So he went home and went back to his mother: "What is a stone girl? Why do others say that your belly is stone?" Mom replied: "You touch my belly, is it soft or hard?" The child touched it and touched it., Break -up and laughed, "It’s soft! My mother is not a stone girl!"

The mother successfully resolved the child’s suspicion of her, and the two became intimate.Although this is only a TV series, there is indeed a "stone girl" in real life.

Shi Nu is a rare disease. Such women have a natural reproductive tract deformity. There are no more than 10,000 people around the world, and the probability of occurrence is very low.Including multiple abnormalities such as uterine malformations and vaginal locks, most patients did not find themselves different until their adolescence.

The story of a "stone girl"

Qian Qian’s friends came to the aunt. Only she did not come. The friend comforted her that it might be malnourished. He usually pays attention to supplementing nutrition. Qian Qian thinks that his friends say something. He did not tell the family about this.After two years, Qianqian was 19 years old, and she still had no menstruation.

After the mother knew it, he took her to the hospital for examination. As a result, everyone was very surprised. Qianqian was a "stone girl".The mother cried after listening to the news, and said that she could not get pregnant in the future?The doctor nodded regretfully that Qian Qian’s examination results showed that she had no vagina and no uterus.

Qianqian was very sad after hearing the news. She finally knew why she had no menstruation. At the same time, she was worried about her future life. Does anyone like herself?After that, Qianqian changed her person, and she was bored all day, and she did not chat with friends. She faced the courage to speak again in the face of the boys they like, and later couldn’t even read the book.

Mother thinks that this is not a way to go, bringing the child to the hospital in the big city.The doctor told Qian Qian and her mother that the child had the opportunity to restore her daughter, and Qian Qian, who heard this sentence, cried holding her mother with her mother.

The doctor’s plan is to replace the vaginal mucosa with oral mucosa. The advantage of this is that the bleeding is less and the recovery is fast, and the mucosa after transplantation also has secretion function.Less than two weeks after surgery, Qian Qian’s body recovered, and there were no obvious scars in the mouth and vulva.

"Thank you for letting me restore my daughter!" Qian Qian told the doctor excitedly.

Why is there a "stone girl"?

Gene or chromosomal abnormalities

During the growth and development of the fetus, the vagina and uterus were not formed normally, or the stagnation occurred in development, thereby forming a malformed reproductive trail.Medically, it is related to genetic inheritance.

Use sex hormone drugs

If the growth environment is poor during embryonic development, it may also lead to developmental malformations, such as drug abuse of drugs, especially drugs such as sex hormones, which may cause fetal genital organs to be unable to form normally.

According to news, a girl in Huai’an was delayed. After medical examination, she found that she had no uterus and lacked kidneys and ovaries on one side.The mother told the doctor that she had used "tires" during pregnancy.

Whether it was caused by chaos, the doctor could not give a positive answer. After all, the age was long, and the medicine he was taken at the time was not kept.Women must not use medicines during pregnancy, especially the so -called recipes and divine medicines to prevent the fetus from affecting the fetus and regret it for a lifetime.

Can "stone girl" have children?

Vaginal lock

This kind of female uterus is developing normally, and the hope of treatment of children is relatively high.Adolescence is not menstrual, but every month, stomach hurts, which may be caused by the accumulation of uterine cavity.Usually at this time, an exception can be found at this time, and pelvic ultrasound or pelvic MRI can be performed.

Hymen lock

Normal women’s menstrual blood can be discharged through the hymen, but the menstrual blood will be accumulated in the body after atresia, forming abdominal pain and constipation, and may also cause infertility.

However, as long as the menstrual blood is performed, the symptoms of the patient will improve and will not affect fertility.In addition, this disease will not be inherited, and parents do not need to worry.

Mrkh syndrome

Not only will cause uterine and vaginal malformations, but it may also affect the kidney, ureter, and hearing abnormalities.The vagina can be reconstructed through surgery, but menstruation cannot be used, and can not be born.

The following situations need to be paid attention to

Adolescents have no menstruation, and they often have stomach pain. They must be paid attention to and go to gynecological examinations in time.In addition, the abdomen may be drummed by congestion in the body, and it will be dangerous after a long time.

There are constipation and frequent urination. After adjusting the diet, it has not improved, and there is no problem with the intestines, bladder, and kidneys.

It is difficult to get pregnant for a long time, and sexual life is very difficult.A small amount of dark secretions often appear, and there is a odor.

Because they do n’t know about the disease, many patients found that their bodies did not discover their physical problems until they were adolescent. Some women were driven out of their houses because they could not be given birth.If you are uncomfortable, you ca n’t taboo diseases and doctors. Only in time can you understand where the problem is, and then find a way to solve it.

Diseases are often related to genetic mutations and incorrect pregnancy, so in the end, you must remind everyone that you should always stay away from radiation and stay away from pollutants, especially during pregnancy.Don’t trust rumors.

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