What is the difference between Yin Chao and B -ultrasound?In these three cases, pregnant mothers should do yin super, don’t grind

After 8 months of pregnancy with her husband, she was pregnant with her children smoothly. Before the family was happy, a pot of cold water was splashed.It turned out that Yuanyuan always felt uncomfortable after pregnancy. When I went to the hospital for examination, the doctor gave it a yin super instead of B -ultrasound.As soon as I checked the Internet, it was said that Yin Chao may affect the baby’s baby. Yuanyuan is very puzzled. Why do the doctor open Yin Chao?

What is Yin Chao?

Yin Chao and B -ultrasound belong to one of the ultrasonic examinations. The instruments used are the same. The difference is that the probe needs to be placed in the vagina, which can check the reproductive organs such as women’s uterus and ovaries.There are many advantages such as no need to urinate, more clear images, and higher accuracy. It is a good choice for women in the early stages of pregnancy.

Will Yin Chao really affect the baby’s baby?

Yin Chao can find the pregnancy situation in the uterus a week earlier than the B -ultrasound, so when the number of pregnancy days of Bao Ma is relatively small, the B -ultrasound cannot get accurate answers, the pregnant mother can use Yin Chao for examination.Yin Chao mainly detects 4-5 cm in the vagina in the vagina of the pregnant mother. This distance does not increase the chance of abortion, so the pregnant mother does not have to worry too much.

And the equipment used by B -ultrasound and Yin Chao is ultrasonic, not ionizing radiation or electromagnetic radiation. Even if the distance is closer than the B -ultrasound, it will not affect the baby’s baby. Pregnant mothers will rest assured.

What kind of situation must be done?

It can be said that Yin Chao has very important application value in the diagnosis of early pregnancy and the illness identification of reproductive organs.Although pregnant mothers still have misunderstandings, pregnant mothers should pay attention to that in the following situations, they must do yin super as soon as possible.

1. Early pregnancy time

The B-ultrasound can generally detect the development of fetal heart buds in 50-60 days of pregnancy, while the Yin Chao can discover the development of fetal heart buds a week earlier than the abdomen B ultrasound, and accurately judge the pregnancy week.If you are pregnant, you need to be

The best choice was Yin Chao in the earlier time.

2. Phenomenon such as vaginal bleeding or abdominal pain in the early stages of pregnancy

If Baoma has symptoms such as vaginal continuous bleeding or abdominal pain in the early stages of pregnancy, it is likely to be ectopic pregnancy or a precursor to abortion. At this time, pregnant mothers need to go to the hospital as soon as possible to perform yin super examination to avoid severe consequences.

3. High -risk group of ectopic pregnancy

If women have repeatedly aborted or have abortion of drugs, or have used emergency contraceptives, and suffering from infinallation tubes, etc., the probability of ectopic pregnancy during pregnancy is high, and they need to act with caution.

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