What is the experience of going to work normally?Pregnant mother: These 3 articles test talk

Guide: Some friends asked, "What kind of experience is normal to work?"

I was working normally when I was pregnant. Two weeks before the due date, the day before the two treasures went to the day before, I was still overtime.Although it is a bit hard to go to work, it is inevitable to have fatigue and power.However, the rights of two benefits are important. Generally speaking, I feel that going to work is a good thing. Let’s take a look.

After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will have emotional instability, because the effect of progesterone causes various discomfort.Pregnant mothers will also become abnormally sensitive and emotional. When you are okay during the day, you will inevitably think about it. There will be some bizarre fetal dreams at night, and your mental state will be affected the next day.

The mental state directly affects appetite, plus the loss of appetite, which is undoubtedly worse.If you ca n’t eat well, you do n’t have enough nutrition, the development of the fetus will be affected.It is difficult for you to regulate the disgusting cycle.

If you go to work, there will be no these troubles.Every day, I am busy, my mind is at work, I do n’t think about things in my stomach, I wo n’t associate, and my mental state is very good.

When it’s okay, there are colleagues to chat with themselves to relieve boredom, and they will not be in a state of loneliness.When you encounter confusion, chat and learn with colleagues who have given birth to a child, this is much more solid.

After a day of busy day, I will be a little tired at night. Basically, you don’t have to worry about the problem of being unable to sleep. Sleeping well at night, the mental head and foot during the day, gradually form a virtuous circle.

At least a few minutes, ten minutes, or even longer on the way back and forth, no matter how many activities are walking or ride, if you don’t go to work, you have to go to the event, and even be too lazy to get out of the event.

In the unit, it is also indispensable. When communicating between different departments, when going out to work, you will move when you go out to eat.

Add a little activity after dinner at night. The amount of exercise is almost enough. It saves time and the body is exercised. Why not!

During Dabao, I was in my home for a week, lying on the bed every day. I felt that everyone was going to be abandoned. I felt drowsy when I got up. I didn’t want to eat it. I was in a chaotic state.It’s hard to imagine what it feels like staying at home every day.In terms of comparison, it is better to go to work, so I am afraid of being sick.

Many mothers could not get wages after giving birth, and they would panic at that time.Most mothers are still working class. They can cope with no salary for a month. If you do n’t pay for a few months, you have to count.

If you go to work, you can save some wages in advance. There are no income days in the past few months after delivery, so as not to be stretched.

I feel myself, this is important.Our maternity leave is 5 months, and in the fourth month, we can’t sit still. If there is no accumulation, it will be painful.

Speaking of my experience with pregnant mothers, pregnant mothers nodded: This is really the same, exactly the same as me.

In short, I think it is a better experience to go to work normally?How do you feel?Let’s communicate together!The new second child Bao Ma, senior childcare teacher, personalized training instructor, Qingyun plan winner, was invited by multiple platforms.Share your childcare experience with thousands of mothers, follow me, and obtain more parenting knowledge.

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