What is the impact of women’s abortion on the body?Can the doctor check it out?

Fans asked: I am 22 years old this year, because I do n’t obey my parents ’words, I live with my boyfriend in a different place. Now I’ m 5 months pregnant, but my boyfriend disappears. I want to remove this child.If I get married and regenerate my child in the future, can the doctor check that I have had a fetus?

What is the impact of abortion on the body?

Making abortion has a certain effect on the body, but different people have different reactions.Abortion may cause symptoms such as bleeding, fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting.If these symptoms occur, you should go to the hospital immediately.

Abortion may also cause some long -term effects, such as cervicitis, ectopic pregnancy, and colitis.In addition, abortion may cause psychological effects, such as anxiety, depression, and depression.

In addition, abortion may affect future pregnancy and childbirth.Abortion may lead to infertility, or future pregnancy may occur, or complications may occur in childbirth.

In short, doing abortion has a certain impact on the body. Therefore, women should consult a doctor before deciding to do abortion to understand the possible risks.

Can women see the abortion doctor?

First of all, from a medical perspective, if women have too much childbirth, they will leave some image characteristics, such as widening the uterine mouth, widening vaginal mouth, thickening vaginal mouth cavity, and thin uterine mouth cavity.Therefore, doctors can infer whether women have miscarriage by checking.

Secondly, from a spiritual perspective, abortion will bring great psychological pressure to women. This pressure may affect women’s physical and mental state. Doctors can identify whether women have miscarriage by observing and conversation.

Finally, from the perspective of behavior, if women have miscarriage, her behavior may also change, such as paying more attention to her physical health, paying more attention to safety behavior, and paying more attention to birth.Doctors can also discover some clues from women’s behavior to infer whether women have miscarriage.

In short, from the above aspects, doctors can see women’s abortion, but judgment should be judged according to specific circumstances.

How long does it take to recover ovulation after women’s abortion?

The time to restore ovulation after women’s abortion depends on her health, age, and abortion.Generally speaking, women may return to ovulation after 3-4 weeks.If it is an abortion, it may take 4-6 weeks to restore ovulation.

After abortion, women may have some signs of recovering ovulation, such as dysmenorrhea, breast pain and leucorrhea.These signs indicate that the level of hormone in the body is returning to normal, which means that ovulation may soon begin.

In addition, women can use ovulation predictors to detect the ovulation date.Ovulation predictor can measure body temperature changes to infer the date of ovulation.

Finally, women should maintain good living habits, maintain a good mental state, and maintain good eating habits in order to restore ovulation as soon as possible.

What are you paying attention to after abortion?

There are many matters that women need to pay attention to after abortion. Let’s introduce it below:

1. Pay attention to rest: After abortion, women’s physical strength will be greatly weakened, so try to keep rest as much as possible, and do not overwork, so as not to affect the recovery of the recuperation period.

2. Pay attention to diet: After abortion, women’s physical strength will be greatly weakened, but nutritional intake is still very important. You should eat more nutritious foods such as fruits, vegetables, beans, etc. to ensure the body’s nutritional photographyenter.

3. Pay attention to exercise: After abortion, women’s physical strength will be greatly weakened, but exercise is still very important. You can do some aerobic exercise appropriately, such as jogging and walking to effectively improve the vitality of the body.

Fourth, pay attention to hygiene: After abortion, women’s physical strength will be greatly weakened. Therefore, they should pay attention to hygiene and wash their hands frequently. Especially after going out, they should wash their hands with warm water in time to protect themselves from virus infections.

5. Pay attention to conditioning body: After abortion, women’s physical strength will be greatly weakened, so you should pay attention to conditioning the body, especially psychologically, you should chat with friends more, participate in some interesting activities to alleviate your emotions and maintain your physical and mental health.

The above is a few matters that women need to pay attention to after abortion. Everyone must pay attention in daily life to ensure their physical and mental health.

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