What is the itching of women’s "there"?These 4 reasons will make you feel uncomfortable

Women may often feel that their nipples are particularly itchy in daily life. At this time, they will feel super uncomfortable. So what is going on?

First of all, eczema should be considered. Eczema is a common cause of breast itching, which will occur at all ages.People with a history of allergies or family medical history are more likely to suffer from eczema.Some dry skin and some people who like to take baths in the bathtub, and people who often use skin care products and cleaner are particularly prone to nipple eczema.

The method of treating nipple eczema clinically is local treatment, such as some steroid ointment.In addition, doctors suggest that patients must be self -care and protective, which is also important to alleviate eczema.If you know what you are allergic to, then you must avoid contact with allergies and try to keep the skin’s natural moisture.Use soap as little as possible, and do not take a long bath, which will cause skin dryness.

Pigtites also cause itching in the nipple, but Peggit’s disease is a rare breast cancer.The symptoms of this rare breast cancer just at the beginning are nipples or itching and pain of areolas, and accompanied by hard skin. Sometimes they can also find some yellow secretion of nipples or blood wire secretions on the underwear.Best.

Most of this disease involves unilateral breasts. Most of the patients are women between 50 and 60 years old. They can be diagnosed through the breast X -ray examination and ultrasonic examination. If you don’t worry, you can use MRI to diagnoseEssence

Adolescent women have developed rapidly because their breasts begin to develop and have a second sexual characteristics. Therefore, they should also pay attention to the local hygiene of the breast. They cannot use some shower gels with unqualified production quality, soap and bust ingredients, otherwise they may cause dry nipples.Peeling, even nipple itching.

Many women will find that their nipples are very itchy after pregnancy. This is a normal reaction of pregnancy. Over time, the breasts will swelling.Pregnant women should often rub the breasts with hot towels in daily life and remove white things. This is a very normal phenomenon, without too much worry.

If you often feel itchy breasts, do not grab it with your hands, because the skin on the breasts is very delicate, grabbing hard, and it is easy to grab the skin on the breast. Women in adolescepart.Do not use some irritating soaps and soap to attack the breasts, wash your breasts with warm water.Adult women should regularly perform self -examination of breasts. Once abnormalities are found, go to the hospital in time.

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