What is the killing of accidental pregnancy?Don’t be too surprised

Near Mother’s Day

Everyone has a soft feelings in their hearts

Carnations, small gifts, big hugs with mother

For most little fairies

Just give Mother’s Day for my mother

I am still a baby, I just thought about Children’s Day

after all,

If the identity of "mother" comes prematurely

What brings is often not expecting and happiness

It’s hard to wear out

A national research shows:

4.1%of the female teenagers aged 15-24 have been pregnant before they are unmarried

If you can get a little bit earlier, what does your pregnancy mean?

Or know how to handle it correctly at the critical moment

If time can flow back … Many tragedies can be avoided

Day 927 after accident:

The embarrassment in the clinic

Obstetrics and Gynecology waiting corridor

Everywhere you can see your husband carefully accompanied and happy mother -in -law

In sharp contrast to this

It’s because of fear of exposing the history of abortion

I have to do my best to make my husband’s sourness.

In obstetrics and gynecology, it is often necessary to fill in the history of marriage and childbirth

Including the history of previous abortion, history of childbirth, history of extraterrea pregnancy, etc.

These medical history is often related to pregnancy and other gynecological diseases

Affecting doctors’ diagnosis and treatment plan

Concealing, maybe even the tragic result of losing life

Frankly, it may give the current feelings for hidden dangers …

Day 703 after accident:

Out of expectation

He is destined to enter the palace of marriage

Looking forward to the crystallization of love

It is the disappointment of the month after the month

Fear began to erode quietly:

The hazards that may cause abortion:

Neither the drug and drug abortion may cause infertility.Artificial influx can damage the endometrium and fallopian tube mucosa, leading to pelvic inflammatory disease and fallopian tube disorders, causing infertility; drug abortion is more prone to abortion incomplete, requires secondary surgery, and the ultimate factor scar causes infertility caused by infertility caused

Daily 80 of the accident:

Long torture

I thought after the abortion

You can bury the pain in the depths of memory and no longer touch

However, … multiple postoperative complications

Maybe it may be worsened to the body that was originally weak

Hidden health hazards of abortion:

1. Inadequate suction (incomplete abortion): The embryo tissue is not completely removed, resulting in continuous or intermittent bleeding for more than 1 week after surgery, large bleeding, lower abdomen pain, and more bleeding.

2. Infection: Refers to inflammation of reproductive tract, such as endometritis, attachmentitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, sepsis, and septic shock, which occurs within 2 weeks after artificial abortion;

3. Cervical adhesion: Due to the damage of the cervical canal mucosa or endometrial base layer during surgery, adhesion is formed, and then amenorrhea, periodic abdominal pain, less monthly or uterine bleeding.

Day 47: 47:

Why choose this medicine

Some people think that the method of abortion by drugs

Can God be unknown, ghost unknowingly

Minimize the impact of miscarriage

Rather than "psychological comfort"

It’s better to say "self -deception":

Divide abortion is also very damaged to the body

Hidden health hazards of drug abortion:

The abortion of drugs is best performed within 42 days, and there may be abortion failure, incomplete abortion, and long -term vaginal bleeding for a long time.If abortion occurs, Qing Gong surgery must be accepted, causing secondary damage.Relevant statistics have found that about 18% of drugs have complications, including allergic reactions, infections, menstrual disorders, etc.

Daily 1st day of pregnancy:

The only correct choice

If you can know everything later

If time can flow backwards, return to the day of contraceptive measures

If the first time the accident occurs, use emergency contraceptives as soon as possible

Those hurts, in fact, don’t need to happen …

Xiao Ting’s focus

If you are not ready to get pregnant

To take on the responsibility of becoming a mother

So please enjoy love

Be sure to take contraception measures

If you accidentally occur

Please take Paos Ting Emergency contraceptives within 72 hours

The earlier, the better the contraceptive effect!

"Mother" is a sacred word

Don’t be unlocked due to irresponsibility

Let it bear the meaning of tragedy

There may be no regret medicine in this world

But there are medicines that make you don’t have to regret:

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