What is the reason why the gestational sac is small?

1. How long is the B -ultrasound that can see the gestational sac

The gestational sac is the first form of pregnancy, and it is a small embryo wrapped in amnniac and vascular network.At that time, the fetus had not been formed, and the fetal heartbeat was already beating when the fetal buds appeared.

At first, the gestational sac was very small, and then slowly grew up.So how long can I see the gestational sac in the B -ultrasound?

Under normal circumstances, after 5 weeks of pregnancy, the B -ultrasound can see the small fetal sac. The fetal sac accounts for less than 1/4 of the uterine cavity, or the fetal buds can be seen.If it is a normal intrauterine pregnancy, you can see the pregnancy sac in the uterus through B -ultrasound in about 40 days of pregnancy, but early or later due to individual differences, some pregnant women will be postponed to about 45 days.

Generally, when HCG reaches 1000U/L, the vaginal ultrasound should be able to identify the gestational sac in the palace. At this time, it is about the 4th and 5th days of 5 weeks of pregnancy. When the HCG reaches 6500U/L, the abdomen ultrasound can recognize the inside of the palace.Pregnant sac, therefore, Yin Chao will be more accurate. If the normal menstrual cycle, in 49 days of pregnancy, you cannot see the intrauterine pregnancy sac, you should suspect that ectopic pregnancy should be suspected.

2. What are the reasons for the small pregnancy sac

1. Physiological reasons: Due to emotional tension and other reasons, the menstruation of pregnant women is delayed, after the ovulation period, and late pregnancy time.

For example, 50 days were discontinued, but during the examination, it was found that the pregnancy sac was only about 40 days.This kind of pregnancy sac is normal. As long as a weekly dynamic examination shows that chorionic gonad hormone and progesterone values are gradually increasing, the gestational sac is continuing to grow, and the fetal buds and fetal hearts gradually appear, which means that the gestational sac is small.It is due to physiological reasons such as after ovulation and late pregnancy, and can continue pregnancy.

2. Pathological reasons: Due to poor sperm and egg development, pregnant women infected with chlamydia, chlamydia, rubella virus or pregnant women during pregnancy. During pregnancy, they were exposed to toxic and harmful substances during pregnancy.

1. Chromatology abnormalities.Whether it is sperm or eggs, as long as the chromosomes with genetic genetic substances are abnormal, even if a fertilized egg is formed, the tire buds will not develop normally.

2. Conductive toxic substances.Harmful substances include toxic chemicals, inferior decoration materials, and so on.If pregnant women are in contact, it will affect the growth and development of fetal buds.

3. Ended radiation or a large amount of electromagnetic radiation.The expectant mothers exposed X -rays without knowing it, accepted a large amount of radiation, and the development of fetal buds would also be affected.

Pregnant women who have the above situation will continue to grow over time with the time of pregnancy, but they do not see the fetal buds and fetal hearts. In this case, the pregnancy sac is unhealthy and will eventually lead to abortion in pregnant women.

Solution: In the face of this situation, expectant parents must figure out the specific reasons for the smaller gestational sac, try to enhance their physical fitness during pregnancy, maintain a pleasant mood, stay away from harmful substances, and stay away from the source of the disease.

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