What is the relationship between vaginitis and women’s fertility?From three perspectives, the analysis is thorough!

Vaginitis is a common gynecological disease. Its main symptoms are vaginal itching, dryness, and pain, which affects its ability to conceive. Even after conception, it may have a miscarriage due to pathogens. May wish to understand the relationship between vaginitis and fertility.

1. vaginitis and pregnancy

Severe vaginitis can cause female infertility, because there are a large amount of white blood cells and foam leucorrhea in the body, which can change the sperm operation trajectory, resulting in sperm and eggs that cannot be combined normally.Pull cells in the vagina during vaginitis can also devour sperm, reduce sperm quality and vitality, and shorten sperm life.

2. Veyus and pregnancy in vaginitis

Studies have shown that bacterial and trichomonas vaginitis is the main cause of female infertility or ectopic pregnancy.Trichomonas vaginitis is caused by vaginal tituration. Generally, the humid environment of warm and alkaline value is suitable for trichomonal growth.Trichomonas will devour sperm, affect the combination of sperm and eggs, and also change the immune environment in the vagina and cause ectopic pregnancy.

In addition, other pathogens will also enter the female reproductive system, leading to female infertility.When the local and vaginal immune capacity decreases, if a large number of broad -spectrum antibiotics, diabetes, and a large amount of immunosuppressive agent can cause fungal to reproduce, causing fungal vaginitis.Or premature birth.Under certain factors, the fallopian tube is damaged or blocked under the induction of abortion surgery or childbirth, causing fallopian tube infertility.

3. Medication of vaginitis and fetal

Many patients with vaginitis are worried that medication during pregnancy will affect the health of the fetus and dare not go to the hospital for examination and treatment.Drugs must be cautious during pregnancy. During the diagnosis of vaginitis, we must scientifically standardize medication, and try to choose topical medications that are less toxic for fetal fetuses.If vaginitis during pregnancy is not treated in time, other germs may cause mixed infections and cause intrauterine infections.In addition, if the germ is infected with uplifting infection, it can also cause premature or premature birth.

Kind tips:

If women are not treated in time after vaginitis, pregnancy may cause fetal infection during pregnancy.Once you are infected with red spots on the skin, there are yellow needle -like spots on the navel cord.The fetus may occur from the vagina.Therefore, patients with vaginitis must be completely cured before getting pregnant.Keeping the vulva clean and hygienic, avoid sexual life during treatment, maintain a light diet, avoid eating spicy and irritating food, and not smoking and drinking.Usually you can eat more winter melon with dampness, eating small beans or watermelon, etc., which is conducive to the recovery of the condition.Participate in physical exercise to enhance physical fitness, avoid staying up late, and maintain regular life.

Reference information: "The Relationship between Vaginitis and Women’s Fertility", Sohu.com, 2019-08-08

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