What is the stuff that flows out of biochemical pregnancy?

Biochemical pregnancy refers to the combination of sperm and eggs in the fallopian tubes. The fertilized eggs grow and develop for the uterine cavity. About 6 to 8 days of fertilized eggs come to the nutritious endometrium bed, and then 7 ~ 7 ~The placenta starts to secrete HCG in about 10 days, and enters the urine through blood circulation.At this time, you can detect it with early pregnancy test strips.

Although the biochemical pregnancy is the combination of essence eggs, it is lost to bed, or it has been apoptic after returning to bed without going back.

The most common cause of biochemical pregnancy is abnormal embryonic genetic material, accounting for about half of all the causes of all biochemical pregnancy.It is usually caused by an egg or sperm in the process of forming, or in the process of binding.Secondly, there are some potential diseases that do not discover the mother’s body, such as immune system diseases, susceptible disease, etc. This type of disease is characterized by uncomfortable feelings and no clinical symptoms.abortion.

Biochemical pregnancy is generally about 5 weeks of pregnancy, and the level of hormone (HCG) in serum rises. However, during ultrasound examination, no pregnancy sac in the uterine cavity was found.

Although the level of hormones (HCG) rises, it is very limited. Generally, only about 200-500, and progesterone levels are also low.HCG will not rise after HCG.Instead, it will gradually decrease, and menstruation will come again, and it will return to a non -pregnancy state.

Because the biochemical pregnancy does not form embryos, there is generally no symptoms of abdominal pain, nor will it be discharged from any obvious embryo tissue, and at most there are some molten tissues.This is because although biochemical pregnancy has fertilized eggs, it has not been successful and does not develop. Therefore, when bleeding, it will not see tissues such as fluff or pregnancy sac. In fact, it is no different from menstruation. Some people may bleed more than usual than usual than usual than usual.The amount of menstruation is more, which will not affect women’s uterus and body.Generally do not require special treatment.However, if two biochemical pregnancy occurs, the reasons need to be checked.

If there is a level of hormone (HCG) after menopause, and the pain of lower abdomen at the same time, this situation is not to consider biochemical pregnancy, but to first consider the possibility of ectopic pregnancy.

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