What is your HCG who are preparing for pregnancy?

What is HCG?

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) -The velvetic gonadotropin is a hormone secreted by the nourishing layer cells of the placenta.

After the fertilized egg moves to the bed in the uterine cavity, in order to settle in the uterus firmly, a lot of small tentacles will be extended to grab the inner wall of the uterus. These little tentacles are fluffy, and HCG is a kind of velvet secretion secreted by human fleece.Hormone, the full name is the chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). In the process of developing into a fetus, the placental nourishing layer cells will produce a large amount of HCG.

What is the role of HCG?

① Stimulate menstrual luteum (formed from the follicular wall remaining after ovulation) to pregnancy luteal;

② Promote luteal secretion of estrogen and progesterone;

③ Maintain the soft and comfortable form of the endometrium, and promote the formation of uterine molting;

④ Promote the growth of the placenta.

HCG detection time?

Sperm can survive in the uterus for 2-3 days, and the combination of sperm and eggs takes about 24 hours. After about 6 days after the fertilized eggs, a small amount of HCG will be generated. It is recommended to start detecting HCG 8 days after the same room.You can determine whether you are pregnant.

HCG changes?

In the early pregnancy, HCG growth was fast. At about 5,000, it doubled the next day. At 8-10 weeks of pregnancy, HCG increased to peak, and then dropped to 10%of the peak until delivery.

What is the difference between urine HCG and blood HCG?

① After HCG is secreted, enter the blood circulation first, and then enter the urine.

② Blood HCG can be detected after about 8 days in the same room. The urine HCG can be detected after about 11-14 days in the same room;

③ The accuracy of the blood HCG is high, and the urine HCG has false positives;

④ Blood HCG has specific value, and urine HCG can only be qualitative;

⑤ Blood HCG does not need to be an empty stomach, urine HCG testing is recommended to leave morning urine.

Do you have to check HCG after confirmation?

Although HCG can confirm whether it is pregnant, its value is closely related to embryo and placenta development. Therefore, after confirmation of pregnancy, you still need to monitor the values of HCG, progesterone and estradiol to better escort the baby.When you check the first pregnancy for the first time of pregnancy, you usually check the second inspection according to the results 2-4 days to observe the increase in HCG.; If the level of hormones increases well, you can check it 1-4 weeks; HCG can stop monitoring after the peak value and the placenta mature.

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