What kind of bird’s nest is suitable for expectant mothers?Do not eat bird’s nest during pregnancy

It is said that women are like flowers, delicate and weak.During the years of marriage and children, it blooms while wind and rain.

Perhaps the most important thing for a woman is not to marry, but no matter who you marry?They all have the ability to make themselves happy!

Women must first love herself. They must believe that they are worth having the best, especially when they are pregnant, face huge challenges physically and mentally, and all hard work is not as much as others’ understanding.

Eat bird’s nest during pregnancy, choose a little kitchen!

Eating bird’s nest during pregnancy is the nourishing method of ladies and ladies since ancient times. It has been circulated so far.However, not every pregnant woman is fortunate to enjoy the bird’s nest stewed by the family. Yan Xiao’s fresh stewed bird’s nest has become the best choice for modern surrogate mothers.

Select Indonesian rainy season bird’s nest, higher value

Yan Xiaozhi chose Indonesian Kuriman Island to trace the source of the bird as raw materials.The rainfall here is sufficient, the saliva secretion of Jinshan is very abundant, the saliva content of the bird’s nest is richer, and the nutritional value is higher.Ensure a bottle of one yard, scan the code at any time to query the import of raw materials, ingredients, customs clearance and other information at any time, and it is safer to eat.

HACCP cleansing workshop, safer on the standard

In the clean workshop certified by the HACCP system, purifying water was cleaned, hand -picked by hand, removing impurities, bases and swallows. Only the essence of the body was selected for high -temperature simmering. The entire production process did not add any other substances, and it was really added.

When 1500s precise control, 105 ℃ constant temperature stew

105 ℃ Stew for 1500 seconds to make bacteria and spores lose activity and ensure food safety.At the same time, the high temperature below 121 ° C can protect the main protein structure in the bird’s nest without being damaged and the nutritional components are not lost.Being a bird’s nest that pregnant women can eat at ease, put safety in the highest place!

Stewed now, enjoy fresh nourishment

Stewed and hair every day, SF air transportation, from the product to the bake, to transportation to the user’s hands, the whole process does not exceed 48 hours.Just to let you experience the freshest products faster and enjoy the freshest nourishment.

Eating bird’s nest during pregnancy can not only make up for the yuan, make the mother’s body strong, but also make the future new babies stronger, fair, more beautiful, and not easy to get sick.

This is the benefit that many mothers who eat bird’s nest during pregnancy, and it is also the most discussed topic during pregnancy.So what are the recognized benefits of eating bird’s nest during pregnancy?

Bird’s nest is rich in epidermal growth factor EGF, known as the best "beauty gene".It can stimulate a variety of cell division and proliferation, promote cellularization, supplement collagen, and quickly repair damaged skin.

Especially for the prevention of stretch marks, it has very obvious effects. While preventing stretch marks, it can also make the skin smooth and elastic, and it can also make the baby’s skin more delicate and fair.

A baby’s life is very limited to give it congenital.Therefore, many pregnancy mothers insist on eating bird’s nest from pregnancy to postpartum, because the saliva acid substances in bird’s nest can not only enhance the baby’s early learning and memory ability, but also improve the baby’s body immune system.

The natural resistance given to the child only once in her life.Therefore, nourishing during pregnancy is very important for creating a baby’s internal protection.

Let Yan Xiaofu accompany you during this pregnancy, and stay with you to see the moon, to accompany you to be able to live lonely, and accompany you to bloom happily!

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