What kind of experience is "hitting"?Netizen: The second child just confineed and pregnant again

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"The world is unsatisfactory, ten -nine and nine", some things have worked hard for a long time and could not be paid as expected. Some things did not want to approach but were "hit with a waist."Why do you have these emotions?Because I heard a few sounds when I drank tea when I was drinking tea, the theme revolved around "the husband and wife have a baby after the same room". Kobayashi has been married for two years. When I hear this topicExperience, Guiqiu experience post.Everyone has several girls who are legendary in the legend. They have blushed at the beginning. They stopped slowly for a long time. As the topic deepened, she helped my mother to do a lot of homework. I hope to treat everyone.helpful.

With the opening of ideas and the popularity of sexual science, couples can already understand some basic common sense in their marriage life, such as the same room when there is no measure of a female ovulation period, which will be particularly easy to cause the woman to get pregnant. Therefore, some pregnancy prepare for pregnancy.The husband and wife will pay special attention to these days, and other husbands and wives who want to spend more "two -person world" will avoid these days.So, what kind of experience is the middle gun constitution of "hitting a touch"?What did they encounter?We together look!

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I got married in July this year. Because the two were very busy at work, I planned to enjoy more "two -person world". I will pay special attention to some measures or avoid ovulation during my life, but soon I find that I am still pregnant.Because of the common sense of pregnancy before, my husband was still smoking, and after a strong ideological struggle, we decided to induce labor.After a period of attention adjustment, I started missing this child. I seemed to realize the magical mission and strength of life. I started to imagine what he or her grows up.So after discussing discussions, the two of us decided to have a child. The day after the "Auntie" just passed, we began to act with the trial.Recently, when I went to the hospital for a medical examination, I found that I was pregnant again, and my heart was particularly happy.Because I have heard that it is difficult to get pregnant before pregnancy, and my heart is particularly nervous, which shows that the retention during this period is still very good.

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I was a second child. After the "second child" policy was released, I planned to give Dabaoer a brother and sister. It would be much better to be a companion for two children together.On the day before the ovulation day, we started the original plan. During this period, we did not wait too long. It did belong to the constitution of "hitting a touch".It may be that you usually pay attention to exercise and physical nutrition, so you feel that your physical fitness is still good.Now, the two children get along well together, often shouting "Mom and Mom" around me, and I am particularly happy.In fact, after a period of confinement after the second child, I was pregnant again, but because I had not recovered, considering the pressure, I had to choose to give up. After that, I was often joked by the old public."You", so I hurried to the hospital for surgery.

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I got married immediately after graduating from college. I found that I was pregnant soon. The classmates asked me if I was married?I said it was definitely not, they didn’t believe it, it may be that they were too small with the interval of their parts.My husband and I are three years old. He hopes that I will give birth to the crystallization of love as soon as possible when the two people have sufficient time. It is indeed as he wished. We found that we were pregnant during the honeymoon. It has been six months old.EssenceGirlfriends often say that I caught up with the rocket at this speed, and I want to be the rhythm of the winner of my life."One touch" may be particularly moved for those in need. For example, me, because of the existence of a baby, our love is still very sweet. I want to thank my special constitution!

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For women, it is particularly important to understand your ovulation day.Through the self -report of a few friends, everyone may find that "when you touch it" may not necessarily be on the ovulation day after the vacation day. In the process of ovulation day, sperm can survive for two to three days. The eggs can only be the eggs.One to two days, so it can be used as a signal one day before ovulation!I wish mothers give birth to a healthy and beautiful baby!

I am a mother, the mother of two children, a senior childcare teacher with an illustrator, and asked me about children’s education, physiological, psychological, nutrition, daily health care and nursing questions.

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