What kind of tea is better for pregnant women?

Most of the tea contains nutrients such as tea polyphenol, aroma, minerals, protein, vitamins and other nutrients.Drink frequently, can get rid of thirst, eliminate fat and lose weight, which has certain benefits for the human body.However, the constitution of pregnant women is more special. A little carelessness will have some impact on the growth and development of the fetus.Tea contains 2%-5%caffeine, and a large amount of tea that drinks stronger, especially black tea, will have a certain excitement for the human body, thereby stimulating the increase in fetal movement.Essence

In addition, tea also contains tannic acid, camellia, caffeine and other substances, especially tannic acid. It can also be combined with iron elements taken by pregnant women into a complex that cannot be absorbed by the body, which hinders pregnant women’s absorption of iron.Therefore, if you drink too much strong tea, it will cause the danger of pregnancy anemia, and the fetus may also suffer from congenital iron deficiency anemia.Drinking a large amount of strong tea for a long time will accelerate the heartbeat, increase urine output, and increase blood circulation. This will undoubtedly bring a burden on the heart and kidneys to pregnant women who are weak.Therefore, it is not advisable to drink a lot of strong tea.

However, tea also contains beneficial ingredients such as zinc, vitamin C, etc. In addition, some pregnant women have poor appetite due to pregnancy reactions. Drinking tea can not only supplement the needs of themselves and fetuses, but also adjust the taste and increase appetite.Pregnant women who drink tea can still maintain this hobby, and often drink some light tea.

However, some pregnant women like to drink tea but do not dare to drink. They are afraid that drinking will affect the fetus.For pregnant women, drinking tea requires cautiousness, and it is not suitable for drinking.Pregnant women may wish to drink flower tea. The following recommend a few flower tea that are more suitable for pregnant women.

1. Mint tea

Mint tea is a prospective mothers health tea, mint essence and tannins that are specifically made for pregnant women with overgoing pregnancy reactions, which can effectively relieve stress and help eliminate fatigue. For pregnant women’s relatively severe pregnancy reactions, there is a very good pregnancy response.A good relief, so it is said that Mom is very suitable for drinking mint tea.

2. Rose tea

During the pregnancy, expectant mothers are also very suitable for drinking rose tea. Rose tea itself is a kind of flower tea with beauty effect. It is rich in vitamin C ingredients, and pregnant women also need a large amount of vitamin C during pregnancy. At the same time, roses are roses.Flower tea can also effectively promote the absorption of iron in the body, thereby effectively preventing pregnant women with symptoms of anemia.

3. Chrysanthemum tea

The production of chrysanthemum tea is very simple, and does not contain caffeine. At the same time, chrysanthemum tea can help relieve fatigue and effectively clear the liver and eyes. It has a good control effect on expectant mothers to be too irritable during pregnancy.

4, honeysuckle tea

The self -immunity of expectant mothers often decreases due to pregnancy, which means that it will be more likely to infected with germs and cause colds such as colds. Most and honeysuckle tea can effectively help prevent such situations, because the anti -inflammatory of the gold and silver teaThe effect of detoxification is super strong, and the virus invasion is strongly stopped.

5. Eight treasure tea

Babao health tea contains a variety of materials such as wolfberry, red dates, walnut kernels, and longan. This health tea is very suitable for expectant mothers to drink, because this tea can not only alleviate mothers’ emotional fluctuations during pregnancy, effectiveHelp refreshing the brain, and can effectively enhance physical immunity.

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