What nutrients should I replenish after pregnancy?These two are more critical

The first month of pregnancy is easier for expectant mothers. Although it does not feel much change in the body, a small life in the belly grows quietly.This is a relatively relaxed period, but it is also a very critical period, especially in terms of diet. It is not only a critical moment for babies, but also is also important for the smooth production in the future.

What should I replenish?

First, continue to supplement folic acid.Because the first month of pregnancy is a period of the development of the baby’s nervous system. Folic acid is a type of B vitamin that can prevent the fetal tube deformity. It is mainly distributed in green vegetables, animal liver and various fruits, such as spinach, spinach,Tudou, milk, tomatoes, etc.You can also take some folic acid tablets under the guidance of a doctor.

Second, constantly intake iron and zinc.Iron and zinc are the most important elements during the first pregnancy and must be sufficient, because the blood capacity of pregnant women after pregnancy expands, and the demand for iron will increase. If it is lacking, it may lead to iron deficiency anemia.Zinc element can help the early development of fetal organs, so pregnant women should pay attention to the intake of these trace elements.Of course, you must pay attention to the balance of diet as a whole, sufficient nutrition, and not partial food.The nutrition of the mother’s body is essential for the fetus.Therefore, expectant mothers can take more protein -rich foods, such as: eggs, milk, lean meat, soy products, etc.Nuts such as peanuts and walnuts can be eaten moderately.

What should I pay attention to during the first pregnancy?

1. Try not to eat spicy and cold foods; do not eat crab, turtle, purslane, barley, fennel, longan, hawthorn, etc., which can stimulate uterine contraction and easily cause accidents;Early pregnancy reaction, diet is lighter.

2. Go to the hospital in time to ensure the balance of the intake of protein, minerals, minerals, various vitamins and trace elements.

3. Avoid strenuous exercise and heavy labor, avoid staying up late, do not take drugs at will, and maintain adequate sleep.

4. Machined foods such as canned food, mustard, and processed meat, etc. It is best not to eat it. It contains more additives that are not good for the fetus, and it is best not to eat pickled food and smoked food because it contains nitrite, which contains nitrite.It is not conducive to children’s health.

The first month of pregnancy is an important period for babies, and expectant mothers must not take it lightly.Take a moderate walk, maintain a good psychological state, pay more attention to eating habits, do not greedy for a moment of "mouth blessing", leave lifetime regrets, you must seek medical examination in time to ensure that the fetus is developing well and growing healthy.

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