What problems should be paid attention to when dogs and puppies during pregnancy and puppy

What problems should be paid attention to when dogs and puppies during pregnancy and puppy

1. How to prevent dystocia before childbirth

When the dog is 45 days pregnant (average 60 days pregnant), the owner can consider taking it to a pet hospital to make a movie. It is best to take DR (the film is a lot clear) or make the number of B yes to determine the number of dogs.When I was in my heart, I had a bottom.After 45D pregnancy, you have to evaluate the dog’s body fat. The more you eat during pregnancy, the better, the reasonable diet.It can control the size of the puppy well, and prevent the puppy that is too difficult to produce because the dog’s mother is too good.In addition to the above aspects of prevention, appropriate exercise is necessary.

2. How do you think the dog wants to produce

The shovel officer can count the time of the dog’s shame. Two months, you must pay attention to observation in the past few days. The appetite of the dog will be significantly reduced in the first one or two days.

Dogs with strong motherhood, there will be a snoring movement before giving birth (the nest of sleeping asleep)

Broken amniotic fluid, one or two hours before giving birth, will break the amniotic fluid.Dogs will frequently lick the vulva

Drinking water frequently, the temperature of the dogs that are fast -producing will increase significantly, so I will drink water frequently

The above is the obvious physiological reaction of the dog’s fast production. At this time, the owner needs to do to prepare a quiet and warm nest. It is best to have a certain water absorption.It can be turned on in winter, or baked lights, electric blankets, and keep warm, especially in winter.Be sure to prepare more water for dogs next to it, and put glucose properly, because the entire production process is relatively long, the dogs may often drink water, and they can also prepare some soaked dog food.

3. What should we do when we have a puppy

In fact, the dog with strong mother knows how to take care of the dog (don’t ask me why, a physiological reaction).The dog’s mother will lick the tire clothes, amniotic fluid, and bite the puppy’s umbilical cord. The placenta theoretically dog can eat.But some dogs, for the first time as a mother, will inevitably be at a loss. At this time, the owner must help the puppy to dry the tire clothes on his body. The umbilical cord can be tied with thin ropes (three to five centimeters).If the owner has no experience, when the dog breaks the amniotic fluid, take it to the pet hospital in time to prevent if the dog will not handle it by himself, or it can be processed in time.

In winter, the owner must pay attention to keeping the puppy warm, remember

4. Chumen milk is important

When the puppy is born, the dog’s nipples, each dosage, can open up the breast duct, on the one hand, puppy is easier to find the nipples.The nipple arrangement is also particular. Generally, the nipples in front are more sufficient than the nipple milk in the back, so it is arranged to the front when the constitution or physique is relatively small.For two or three consecutive days, if the puppy eats milk in a nipple, it will be on that nipple in the future.It’s important to set the nipple (the puppy opens his eyes for 7 days, so you can find the nipples by feeling and smell)

5. The nutrition of the bitch is very important. There are some dogs, because the nutrients are not enough in the later period to send epilepsy after production.

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