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Cacket phenomenon during pregnancy

Most pregnant women will have cramps. This is mainly due to the weight of the fetus that brings increasing pressure on the leg muscles of the pregnant mother; the fetus will compress some nerves of pregnant mothers.In addition to the above two points, the changes in hormones in pregnant mothers have something to do with cramps.

Please pay attention to pregnant mothers!

How to solve cramps during pregnancy

You can use these methods to relieve:

★ Publly a warm water bath to relax the muscles.

★ Drink sufficient water.

★ Balanced diet.

★ Take your legs more (raising, massage) and so on.

For cramps during pregnancy, some doctors will recommend supplementing magnesium or calcium, but there is no evidence that it is valid, and in particular, a large number of studies have found that calcium supplementation is invalid for cramps during pregnancy.

Some studies have found that the effect of calcium supplementation for cramps is equivalent to placebo, that is, calcium supplementation for cramps can only be relieved, and only psychological comforting effects.of.

Of course, calcium supplementation during pregnancy is not opposed to everyone. After all, many Chinese milk intake is insufficient, and the calcium intake in the diet is not enough.However, most of the cramps during pregnancy are not caused by calcium deficiency, but physical reasons. The weight of the fetus pressures muscle and nerves.Similarly, back pain, tail pain, butt pain during pregnancy … this pain, that pain is not because of calcium deficiency.

Before the cramps, you had about 1 to 2 seconds to respond quickly.If you feel that your feet or legs are cramping, hurry up your feet, stretch your legs, and massage your muscles, which may prevent it from happening.Pregnancy vomiting, cramps, back pain, back pain, butt pain, pubic pain, long black threads, edema hands and feet, joint pain, esophageal burning … These mothers have to experience, only different degrees.

Although the hard work of pregnancy, these pains will return you a healthy, smart and beautiful baby.

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