What should I do after the pregnant mother "Yang"?Obstetrics experts send six pockets

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Reporter Wei Jingjing Correspondent Song Tianyin

At present, although pregnant mothers have been seriously protected, the risk of "Yang" infection is also high. To help pregnant mothers spend this special period stably, the Zibo Maternal and Child Health Hospital has presented six intimate buns.

Bian Qi: Will the pregnant mother affect the baby when it is "Yang"?

Because there is a placenta barrier between the mother and the fetus, the perpendicular spread of the mother fetus of the new crown virus is extremely low. From the perspective of domestic research data, it has not found that the pregnant woman has an impact on the fetus after the new crown is infected.Stepping.

If the pregnant mothers have high fever, chest tightness, asthma, and abnormal fetal movement after being infected with new coronal virus, they may cause hypoxia in the fetus, and they need to seek medical treatment in time.

Bian Qian 2: Do you need to go to the hospital for a checkup?

In order to avoid increasing the risk of cross -infection, some unnecessary production inspection items can be appropriately delayed, and they can also communicate with the doctor of the birth checkup before making a decision.For projects that must be checked, according to the time range allowed by the production inspection items, the production inspection time is reasonably arranged in combination with their own conditions.

Try not to miss the production inspection:

11 ~ 13+6 weeks: early NT screening;

15–15 weeks: Donald in the middle period, pregnant women with high risk factors can choose non -invasive DNA or amniotic fluid puncture, etc.;

20 to 24 weeks: ultrasonic screening during the middle pregnancy (system B -ultrasound);

24 to 28 weeks: OGTT screening (diabetes screening) and so on.

Tabbing 3: How to do home isolation after the pregnant mother "Yang"?

First of all, you must relax, pay attention to rest, be light and easy to digest your diet, and exercise appropriately.It is best to have a single interval with an independent bathroom.Secondly, when contacting the family, both sides must wear N95 masks to reduce unnecessary contact. When you are alone, you can not wear a mask. However, it is best to wear a mask when coughing and sneezing.Meal, clean and disinfect the tableware separately.Finally, you can use Internet hospitals or WeChat to keep in touch with doctors.

Capsule 4: When will the "Yang" sex mother who isolated at home go to the hospital?

If the following four cases occur, it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time:

Fever, cough, do not improve after medication or continue high fever for 2-3 days.

Chest pain, heart chest dullness, difficulty breathing;

Dizziness, headache with abnormal blood pressure, etc.;

Abnormal fetal movement, abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding and other conditions.

In the event of an emergency, you can call the 120 emergency call in time.

Bian Qiu: Can pregnant mothers with "Yang" be given birth?

Can give birth.

The choice of childbirth is determined by obstetric indicators. The doctor conducted a comprehensive assessment. Infection is not an indicator of the cesarean section, so even if the new crown virus is infected, natural delivery is still advocated.However, if there is a indicator of cesarean section, such as a huge fetus, cesarean section is preferred.

Cascular Six: Can "Yang" sex mothers breastfeed?

Can breastfeed.

At present, there is no study to prove that there is a new coronal virus in breast milk, and breastfeeding is safe.However, pay attention to the following aspects during breastfeeding: 1. During breastfeeding, the mother must wear the N95 mask and strictly do hand -to -hand hygiene.2. Avoid talking and cough during breastfeeding.3. Before contacting newborns and breast pumps, strictly abide by cleaning and hygiene.4. After breastfeeding, disinfection of the common surface that the baby may be in contact with the mother.

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